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I want works fresh email scraping with affordable prices

hello my dear fiverr partners iam a new member of fiverr and iam expert of high quality and fresh email scraping so please me give me the works thank you I will do fresh and high quality data base for your business

Your prices don’t add up. If I wanted 1000 emails, if I bought the “Golden Pack” it would cost me $15, but it would be cheaper if I just bought 500 for $5 twice. Remember, the most expensive packages should have the most value.


ok sir…give me work sir

I don’t want to order from you… You can’t beg people to give you work. I’ve given you feedback and you haven’t taken it on board or made any attempt to change it. And don’t call me “sir” it suggests that you think you are of a lower authority.

Ok thank you for your feedback