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I wanted to ask a question about payoneer

Hey everyone
I wanted to ask a question about payoneer
I requested transferring my payment from fiverr to payoneer account on thursday by standard load option.
It was supposed to happen in 11/3/2018 11:00pm but didn’t and so far I haven’t a received a mail or payment loaded on my payoneer account
If anyone can help on this issue I would be thankful.

Have you ever transferred your earnings from FIverr to your Payoneer account before? Is this the first time? Do you have your Payoneer account set up? Do you have a card yet? Do you have your Fiverr account linked to your Payoneer? Did you get an email associated with your Payoneer account that you needed to accept funds? Have you checked your funds received tab? These are some of the things I can think of that you may want to look at if you are not seeing a deposit. Are the funds gone from your Fiverr account?

You would have to contact Payoneer’s customer service to get a clear answer concerning why your earnings are not showing up in your Payoneer account.


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it can delay due to public holidays other wise it will transfer on the given date…