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I wanted to block seller

I need help that how may I able to block someone . The seller is very rude and insulting me. So I wanted to block .
But When I press the report button , its not working,
What I supposed to do ?

I cordially asked for help and wanted to buy her gig but really she misbehaved me.

Its really embarrassing. I am 100% sure her gig is fake and her service is not good.



Report button will temporarily let that seller not contact you anymore. If you feel unsafe with that seller, share your concerns to Fiverr Customer Support.

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Just report to Customer Support …Good Luck!!


I contacted customer support with proof, but nothing happened

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Did you email ?

I would try that after submitting a web based ticket

Ignore them. They’ll go away eventually. It works with toddlers, it works with adults. Think of it like the oxygen of attention–take it away, and soon they’ll shut up. Report to CS anyway.


I did , with proof. They told me , they will take an action. But I am seeing no action.
Lets see what happened. Waiting …

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Yes, I did. I just hate this type of unbearable person

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they should really do something about this there should just be a block button sometimes its just better to block someone regardless


Agreed. They need to allow people to be blocked with a simple green block button.


i agree fiverr should add block button specially for buyers… i am having the same issue with a seller… she just won’t let it go… i have already opened couple of tickets but fiverr didn’t do anything…i reported her messages so she couldn’t to contact me for 2 days and as soon as she could she started messaging again…

I would just ignore them for the time being and hopefully Customer Service blocks them from their end. Seriously though, Fiverr does need a block button. The Report button is fine for a few hours of peace, but sometimes people are crazy and just won’t let things go.


The problem is they can still order gigs from you, forcing you to communicate, and sometimes refusing to mutually cancel and then writing you a bad review. Yes some buyers will waste dollars to do this if u don’t want to work with them belive me

100% agree. I mean not just for seller, for buyers also.


yes i need to block a seller!

Block button is definitely needed, agree! :slight_smile:
Many people with no life, trying to complicate things…


Block button definitely works. You might need some help from the Helpdesk if you get further messages from the seller. Best option is to ignore their messages without opening it.

Sanding mail to customer support Until not given reply… Please try again new mail😊

While the report button didn’t seem to do much in the past, it now does indeed work for me to block and report rude people.

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