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I wanted to leave Fiverr due to bad Algorithm problem

Hey Community,
I am a Graphic designer and have a grip over my skill,

On level two right now with no orders on hand from the last 3 months.
With a rating on 4.9 overall and 100 orders complete and 87 reviews over my profile.
I also have got 4 badges over my profile.
but didn’t receive a single order from the last 3 months on Fiverr.
Sent almost 400 bids over clients.

One of my gig was ranking, now it’s on the last page,
even those who didn’t use Fiverr once in their lives are better in rankings than me,
Nothing is working for my account. as the new algo comes, I am crushed.

What good are badges and Levels if we can’t get favor over others.???

Shall I leave Fiverr and work on other platforms as I am doing right now

Your suggestions and critics are welcome.

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That’s quite the dry spell.

What have you been doing all this time?
I mean other than sending out offers to BR, have you researched the competition and tried to figure out where you can improve or what you may need to modify?

Rank issues or not, sending out 400 offers and getting 0 projects is quite alarming.

If I were 0 for 400 I would stop, and try to revamp my approach. Either your communication needs improvement or how you approach each buyer’s problem.

Which badges are you referring to?

Badges and levels alone will not get you anywhere. I am a TRS/Pro seller with over 9,000 completed orders and I still go through slumps in sales.

If badges alone were enough, I would be set for life, no?


@frank_d I have been doing great work over other freelance markets.
There I have received many clients.over the same skills as per approach.
Nothing fancy other than Fiverr,

I have tried to modify my gigs over Fiverr.
Different services different gigs over here.
I remains on the last Even with better Tittle and SEO.

Same Communication.
Same Services.
performing Well there.

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Maybe your issue is that there is more competiton on Fiverr. :thinking:

I see you have been here since 2016, yet only have about 80 reviews.

I do not mean to brag, but I have been here a year less and have over 1,000. One reason is that I do not have as much competition here as you do.


change your prices of packages

I started working from nov 2019

@vickiespencer you have a point but does this matter?
if that does matter then I am on a bad point right now.

Then maybe your approach is better suited to those other platforms.


On up side or low side…
As I am already on the lower side right now

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Experts of fiverr always told you that there is no issue in fiverr. But in short fiverr is ■■■■■■ up and sellers with 0 orders are ranking on top :slight_smile: Now some experts come and express views on my thoughts

Oh, your profile says you have been a Fiverr memer since 2016, so you must of been a buyer at first. :thinking:

You have not been a seller for even a year, so you are doing bette than I thought. :wink: