I wanted to order a gig, but as soon as I did, He paused his gig


So, I found this awesome artist to do a character logo for me. We chatted a bit and he told me he could do me a logo, but as soon as I was ready, he paused his gig and E-mailed me that he was going to work outside Fiverr for a few weeks, but eventually come back. He wanted to charge me $50.00 for the logo I wanted, and I just needed to send him the money through paypal. I decided not to do the gig after all. I was wondering if this is normal? Do people just use fiverr to fish for clients so they can work outside of fiverr??

Thanks for any help.


I would not buy from someone who did this. I’m sure there are a few that use Fiverr that way, but most do not. I work inside and outside of Fiverr but I don’t try to mix the two as it is against the Fiverr Terms of Service.


Thanks for your info. I’m having a hard time on Fiverr. Now I’m trying to work another artist, but she just let me hanging. I paid, I gave her a few of my ideas, she said ok…but then she was a little late with the order. When she sent the “Completed Logo” but it was actually incomplete. I even paid extra for a good logo.

I asked her kindly about a simple adjustment, and I haven’t heard back again. Now I hang. It’s getting frustrating.


Sorry you’re having such a hard time, @bakingbigfoot. That sounds like bad luck because I know there are so many good sellers here on fiverr. I hope you don’t give up on us!


Hello sir,

I’m sorry for all the hassle you had to go through.

Yes I agree that some sellers do try to fish out buyers to get paid outside Fiverr.

These sellers fail to understand that Fiverr provides them a platform to market their services and they should be thankful to the system and not try such tricks which affects the overall buyer experience.

The second seller could be busy with something.

Most of the sellers will never let their buyers hanging.

If you are not satisfied with the delivered work you can ask for a mutual cancellation or contact Customer Support with your issue.


Asking a buyer to pay outside of Fiverr is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and should be reported to Customer Support. They will warn the seller, and if he keeps doing it, he will get his account banned.


Well…here’s the latest update. My second artist cancelled on me since she said she was going through some personal hardships. Ok…No biggie. SoOoOOooo maybe 3rd time is a charm. I found another artist who said he could help me. So far he’s doing ok. He’s from another country, so he’s having a hard time understanding what I am needing.

I am doing my best to explain things as best as an American can. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m patient and I’m not asking a lot. Maybe this will be the Magical week of getting my logo done. I’m almost afraid to see if Fiverr can help me with a Jingle next. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW…I’m Female. Ha


Reply to @catwriter: I don’t want to be known as the Tattle tale on Fiverr, and I’d hate to get anyone suspended or banned …but… I just wonder how many other people who wanted his service ended up like me…dealing with him Outside of Fiverr and him wanting a lot more money than expected. I understand it’s not easy making $$ from Fiverr, but it’s a start, and If you do good work…you eventually get a clientele and more $$


Well…I guess I will just laugh it off, because that’s all I can do.

Yep, the Last Fiverr artist told me he understood what I wanted and said he could do it for no extra charge. That was Yesterday. Today, he E-mails me and tells me just to complete the order to show I’m satisfied, but I will need to open a new order with him for another $10.00 so he can complete the order. WTF?

Now my logo is going to cost $30.00 all together?

Funny thing is, I ended up creating my own logo. I just wanted help coloring it.

No thank you. I’m done.

Sorry Guys, but Fiverr sucks.

bakingbigfoot said: No thank you. I'm done.

At least you gave it a good try! Best of luck to you. :)