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I wanted to raise a complain against one seller

I placed an order from one of the seller. It was a worst experience and i wanted to report that seller. I placed an order and after that i wanted to clear some doubt so i sent a screenshot. Just after that the seller was so irate that she opened a dispute and cancel the order. Such a negative attitude that seller was having. I dont know why people have given positive reviews.

Please help in raising a strict complaint against that seller

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Only Customer Support can help you with this.


Your seller gets positive reviews because she does this.

You could not leave a negative review because you let her cancel. The only way a buyer can leave a negative review is to let the order complete (or accept the order) and then leave the review. Your seller may have been rude to make you agree to cancel. :astonished:

As @lloydsolutions said, contact CS about this.


Have you considered trying to put this bad experience behind you and moving on to something better?


I think some parts are missing from the story


Why should we get involved with your dispute? :confounded:

Essentially, we’re just hearing your side of the story and not the Seller.

Just chalk it up to having a bad experience. Of course, you can express your grievances to CS. Hopefully, your next buying experience is a pleasurable one. :pineapple: