I was a failure


Asslam-o-Alikum Dear Fivrr users!!

My English is not good so you have give some extra attention at my story.i belong to a poor family and i was not a good student. my full interest was cricket and also now. i am a good player. but my family hates cricket. and they don’t allow me to play. my parents always force me to study but i only read books to get passed in exams.

time was passing very fast and i got passed my higher school exams in 1st Division. and then i got admission in university. where i heard about fiverr.

my some senior tell me about fiverr. at first time i was not impressed with their brief but one day i saw my friend get fifty thousand ruppees from bank i asked him what you do he said i work on fiverr as a logo designer.

and then i went back to my seniors and i request them teach me graphic designing and then they teach me graphic designing.

i started work and i start getting work. and my full attention was on fiverr and then in university exams i failed my subjects and then again i get admission in first exam and now again i failed in exams.

now i am earning money and paying my fees and also my brothers fees. i am helping my father in financial aspects.

i have never got money from my father since October 2014. and i am now living in flat with my brother away from family.

today when i saw back… tears comes in my eyes. because i lost my education

now i am working as full time designer on fiverr. now this is my JOB and this is my future.


Thanks for share your story…