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I was active! :(

I was active 30 days, everyday I log onto and I used the app 30 days. And I made 10 sales way before 30 days. How come I didn’t reach my Level 1.

Just be patient you are almost there. It says you are at 90 so can be any day now.

Hi @michaelbellamy - as someone’s who’s a bit impatient by nature, I won’t tell you to have patience :slight_smile: But I will ask this - how long have you been on the site for? If you’re right at the 30-day mark, I’d give it another day or two - sometimes there’s a lag with Level upgrades.

Hello, You need to Must be Daily Active in a Month (30 Days) and You need 10 sales almost.

You must be maintain Positive feedback via client.

If you follow these terms you can easily get your Level-1.

Good luck for your next achievement Level-1.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Webexpert- I understand the requirements. I followed all the requirements, I got 10 days wayyyyyy before my 30 days, And as I said above I was active everyday, Im an college student and I find this to be a good outlet for me. So I took it very serious, I download the app. I was active everyday on my laptop and my app. And David - your right I will give it a day or more. Thanks :slight_smile:

Reply to @michaelbellamy: no prob :slight_smile: Congrats in advance.

if you registered on 21. april you will get level 1 in same time when you registered on 22.may :slight_smile:

I got my level (1) 31 day after registration.

so you need to be active 30 days not until 30th day,

so you where active 29 days, and you are left with 1 day and that is today :slight_smile: ( and he needs to pass so you can get level 1

LOL… be patient @michaelbellamy. I just registered 20 days ago, received 23 orders and my conversion rate is 5.2%. BTW, Im a whiteboard video creator too

Should be any day and you will be promote to LVL 1 status.

Still not level one yet guys, I been active every single day. Its on 90, and it say join fiverr a month ago. It been a week now, and no badge yet.

Once again, I haven’t cancel a order, and I been active. and by 90 i mean, on the badge status it says 90, I know I’m not on 90 days??? You should of known what I was saying when I say 90. I gave you a visual since you couldn’t understand what I meant.

no badge yet :frowning:

I ended up getting my Level two and skipping the level one all together… it lagged for 3-4 days then I got 2 notices for both upgrades. It will happen dont worry.

Reply to @michaelbellamy: Customer Service hasn’t given you a reason? I’ve typically gotten responses on tickets within a week or less. If it’s a glitch they can probably manually give you the badge.

Okay, not yet but I’m waiting.