I was always complaining about Gig Impressions dropping down but then everything Changed


Hi There. How is everyone?
I just wanted to tell everyone my story ( And will hopefully share some tips on the way as well).
I joined Fiverr almost two months ago.I made my profile set everything up. Made my first gig and then started waiting for orders.I did not know much about Fiverr So I had no idea what buyer requests are.one of my friends told me about this feature so I used it every day.After 10 days I got my first order of 5 dollars.what a feeling that was.I did my work in the best way I can and delivered it.The seller was really impressed with my delivery so he gave me a five-star review.I was so excited and so happy.After that orders starting pouring in.I even got 4 orders in one night.I started making some real money.I am an 18-year-old student and for the first time I went shopping and bought almost everything with my own hard earned money ( Seriously it was the best day ). Here is the best tip I give now to newbies Be patient and READ.This is what I used to do in my beginning days of Fiverr.I used to read books on Fiverr and it all paid off.Do some research in your own niche.study other sellers Gig and eventually, it will all work.I used to complain about Gig impressions dropping down ( Crying like a little baby) and now I don’t even care things are going smoothly.Fiverr literally changed my life and for that, I am very Grateful.So to all the newbies out there Don’t give up be patient and start doing your research :slight_smile:
Good Luck to everyone out there. ( And sorry for my poorly structured English I am not a native speaker.PEACE)


Like your topic very well thanks


First of all, congratulations on getting good flow of orders. Now let me tell you something that worries me as a seller.
So I had a gig which had good gig visibility in search results.Slowly I started to notice drop in my gig inquiry from potential buyers. Now it was like 0 impressionsons on this once a top gig out of nowhere.
Like I wouldn’t mind if this happened if Inhad loads of negative feedback or low response rate, but no it just went down.
So I geared up and made changes, added a nice video showcasing my gig, changed the description, FAQs etc but guess what nothing changed.
This is what is scary on Fiverr. You never know when your gig which was ones a beat selling gig, goes down straight to 0.
Even going on vacation mode can affect your gig.
Once you return from vacation, your gig might not be at the same position as it was before.


You have 0 impressions because of a technical issue. A lot of sellers do. Staff knows, and they’re looking into it.


I’m also having the same issue.


I am new here and you have really encouraged me. Thank you