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I was asked for a refund after order was automatically marked complete... How do I do it?

Title says it all. I was asked to refund cash after a buyer rejected my work. I could go into why I feel they are wrong but why bother. I just want to issue the refund and get on with my life.

So how do I do it? The work was marked complete after three days. Please and thanks for your help.

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Can a buyer reject after marked “complete” in 3 days?
I would tell the buyer I don’t know how to do this.

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I did. I am new and don’t need a bad review so I’m taking this one on the chin to figure it out and just refund the 5 dollars. Trying to do right by the client. Not happy about it but doing it anyway.

I won’t do things that I’m not willing to.
If you get bad review, as least you can say something in your own review on that job.
Of course it’s up to you if you do want to. Maybe ask the customer service. I would like to know the answer also.

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It doesn’t work that way after an order is complete. If you offer a refund to a buyer to avoid a negative review, it is against Fiverr policy.


Well crap. I sent it to moderation so hopefully they can guide me through it.

As long as they don’t see it as an attempt to manipulate reviews, it should be okay. Good luck!

Really not trying to. Buyer wants money back and I am not interested in arguing five dollars.

Please keep us posted if you get any answer for the support team

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If it was marked complete after 3 days then that means they accepted it. But it’s up to you so you can ask customer support to refund them. I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

So, sent an explanation to the support team and they automatically cancelled the order and refunded the amount.

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I have same case, my buyer have no response after I delivered the order. I know he was online. And after order automatically marked as complete he tell me that he was not satisfied with my work and someone else was satisfied him. So he ask me for refund. What should I do? Thanks.

The buyer does not deserve a refund in this case. You did the work, and the order has been marked as complete. YOU deserve to get paid for the work that you do.

In addition, Fiverr specifically states in their Terms of Service that buyers are not entitled to refunds if the work was completed according to the terms of the order/gig. If you did a great job, and honored all terms of the order, then I think you should keep what you have earned. The buyer does not deserve to have his money back – after the order is marked as complete – just because he didn’t respond sooner, or ask for modifications.

Stand your ground. Get paid for the work that you do. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer :slightly_smiling_face:
May be I will receive my first bad review as a new seller today.

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You’re welcome. …