I was at level 2 now I back to basic level!


I’ve been on Fiverr since Aug. 2014. In 5 more months that will make 4 years. I worked my way up to Level 2 seller.

The problem is I’m not a full time Fiverr and I work offshore, meaning I’m gone away from home for sometimes 2-3 weeks at a time, so I have to go on vacation mode everytime a job comes up.

So my first demotion came because I wasn’t making enough.

See new seller rules to follow to maintain their seller levels which came out in Jan. 2018.


My second demotion came because I wasn’t answering questions in my messages fast enough. Which of course is again due to my job, which sucks.

What do you guys think about these demotions?

Do you think that it’s fare that you work your butts off doing a great job (which by the way I have all 5-star reviews) because I DO provide good work for ALL my clients?

Do you think it’s fair to get stripped away from your seller levels just because of some circumstances that are out of your control such as mine?

I’m not really that mad about it, because as I’ve said this is not my full-time job, but what if it were?

That would really hurt my business here.

Anyway, I’m glad this platform exist and I am still happy to be a part of it.

And that’s my RANT FOR THE DAY!

Ronnie Rokk Smith


I agree that it’s not fair, but I’m curious about this part.

I’m still way under the amount needed in the current system for a level 2 seller, but I’ve maintained my level. Are you sure it’s because of the amount of money?


@somaginer1996 I have a feeling that response rate was the culprit on both demotions. Amount earned had nothing to do with it if you were already at level 2.


Well, there was a new message from Fiverr a while back saying you had to make a certain amount, don’t remember if it was per month or within so many months. I really don’t remember what the message in my account said, but yea, so I didn’t reach that because I’m always gone for work. I’m on 24hr call and can’t work Fiverr everyday like some, so when they call I have to go.


Happened to me, too. I was a Level 2 seller, totally crushing it, record profits every month. Poof. All gone back to basic level. Seems to be a very competitive market and the fact that this platform is very buggy seems conducive to nonsense events like this.


They monitor you every month now.

Here is the blog post. https://blog.fiverr.com/level-systems-update-what-fiverr-sellers-need-to-know/
the amount you need to make per month per seller level is listed in your anylitcis section in Fiverr.


Look in your analytics section on Fiverr. Scrool down to the bottom to see the rules for your seller level.


Look in your analytics section on Fiverr. Scroll down to the bottom to see the rules for your seller level. If you don’t fulfill all the new rules from Jan 2018 they drop your seller level.


I know the rules, I’ve been around for all the months they’ve been changing it. If you didn’t reach the earnings and haven’t been demoted in other categories, you won’t be dropped for earnings alone. My earnings were way off the mark for about two months after the new system arrived and I’m still a level 2 seller.

As loganstover said, it was probably response rate in your case.


Might be… Not 100% really sure.


Yeah but still there are many flaws in their system… If they review everything each month then why on earth fiverr have 60day bracket for Order completed and delivery on time . This really doesn’t make any sense. Rating it self is enough to figure out who needs to be at certain level.

IM facing an issue when a client placed an order by mistake and then cancled it.


I agree…on the levels page it never says anything about earnings required per month or specific timeframe…it just says an all-time value. Correct me if I’m wrong, but even if you were previously a level two seller, you will still be a level two seller, even if your total amount earned is under the amount needed to be a level seller?


You can contact support to make sure that accidents on the buyers part doesn’t affect your status as a seller!


Aren’t you happy that Fiverr is taking 60 days instead of 30? Gives us a bit of a buffer in these cases where things happen outside of our own control.

Completely agree that there are things to be improved, but it’s not that bad a system isn’t it? You won’t be demoted if your stats on the left are all green, and none of them involve earnings. The earning part just comes to play when you want to level up.

Having trouble to keep your response rate above 90%? Just reply the messages with a short message letting potential customer know you will answer them in detail later. You’ve got 24 hours to reply.

Having trouble delivering on time? Manage your time better and/or extend the delivery time of your gig.

Reading the forum on this topic for the last couple of months, the main problem with this new system basically comes down to one issue:

Buyers placing an order without reading the gig, then asking the seller to cancel the order. (or any other scenario where the buyer want to cancel the order because of a reason which lays outside of the influence of the seller).


Also rating itself does not give you the full picture,

The response rate is important because it means you are responding to all potential customers, therefore maximizing your potential revenue (and fiverr’s:slight_smile:)
Orders completed also says something about how much experience you have using the Fiverr platform.


No IM not happy because once you lose the level. it will take you another two months to get it back. I had 100% in everything since last 6 months or so. In this week 3 clients placed order by mistakes and sent me cancel request. This system is Only good for buyers not for the sellers. Let’s be honest what will be your initial reaction when someone place orders by mistake and cancel it and in 20 days your profile will go back to a lower level. IM in level two from last one year. Always had 100% rating … Always had 100% response time and Always completed orders (that too was100%)


@sjorscrusius I also checked your profile you are still under 100 feedback’s. Trust me when your profile will grow you will face many clients like this. It’s very frustrating sometimes that seller has to pay for the mistakes of buyer.


No, I completely can relate to the frustration of canceled orders because of a buyer mistake.
the 60 days is indeed a bit of a curse and a disguise in one.
On one hand, it helps with reducing the impact of 1 canceled order, because it’s being analyzed against all orders in 60 days and not 30. On the other hand, it takes a longer time until it get’s removed from your stats…

I got demoted in January from level 2 to level 1. In February I got back to level 2 again. So it is possible to get back to your level in 1 month time.

I think it really depends on the niche you work in as well. I have completed only about 160 orders, and in all this time didn’t have yet 1 bad placed order. But 1 time has to be the first one…


Its really bad news losing level , I lost my level also , trying to get order but not getting :disappointed_relieved:


What would come in handy there is if Fiverr had and auto reply you could see up saying something like “Sorry I’m unable to answer you question at this time because I’m away, but will get back to you ASAP” or something like that would definetly help on that issue!