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I was blocked and forced to cancel the order by the buyer

Hi There,
I am very new on Fiverr.
I got an order from buyer request. The buyer requested for one design for $7. He accepted my request and provided me information for 2 design and requested for coding which is not related my gig. I told him , you did not mention 2 design and coding . Then he send order dispute and said ok cancel the order. At last he forced me to cancel the order and block me. Now my order completion rate 80%.
Will I get order ?
What bad effect will I face and What Can I do Now?
Looking for experts suggestion.
Thank you.


Don’t know if I’m worth of answering this question but I’m almost hitting level one seller. Regardless, about cancelled order, yes the percentage will be affected until the end of 60days. But looking from my past experience, I don’t think it will affect your gig that much. As long as your five stars stand out, the impact is somehow neutralised. I got three cancelled orders two months ago, but what blew my mind is how my gig ranking was never affected. I concluded that maybe it was because of my five star reviews.

@amstrong120 thanks a million.
I am very much worried because I have 4.8 star.