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I Was Blocked by Seller for Asking Questions!


I was talking to a seller asking him questions and he blocked me! I was about to buy and he decided that he did not want my $5. Can anyone tell me where I went wrong, it’s his loss but a bit annoyed as I would have been one of his first customers.
[image shows seller username - removed]


I think you were lucky he blocked you. Why he did it I don’t “no” but it’s strange he teaches terminology when it seems he doesn’t know the difference between “no” and “know”. He may not have known the answers to your questions.

  1. Please remove the seller’s name from the screenshot, as naming and shaming is a violation of the forum rules.

  2. You have only shown us a part of the discussion. What did you ask him, and he said no?

As for why he blocked you, perhaps you asked too many questions before a simple $5 order, and he thought that you were either not going to buy (and were therefore wasting his time), or that working with you would have been too much hassle for $5 (actually, after the fees, the seller gets a bit less than $4).

To me it looked like he wanted to say “I do not usually, no”, and just left the comma out.


yeah good point thats perhaps it


After looking at that message again he sent it does look like he left out a comma, and also it looks like you were asking some questions beyond the scope of his gig.


A seller’s time is very valuable - asking too many questions, particularly those that are already addressed in the gig description (my biggest pet peeve) is annoying as it amounts to a waste of the seller’s time.

Call me crazy, but I might try and contact a seller a couple of times, and if I didn’t get a response - or - the response I was looking for, I’d move forward.

Your best bet is to look for another seller.