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I was blocked? Why?

I have explained to two people for hours how I would like my logo and before it came to the deal I think I get blocked. WHY? Did that try to scam me?

" ********* is not accepting messages at this time."

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You weren’t banned from Fiverr, those two sellers just chose to block any further messages from you.

Sorry, wrong topic-name.

But why? I did not offend and I was not unfair.

Neither I, nor anyone else on this forum is going to be able to tell you why those sellers chose to block communication with you. It is likely that they just do not feel that your communication was respectful, beneficial, or appropriate.

Perhaps it might be best to find a different seller to hire.


Diffrent seller…well good idea but iam now scared because of scam. I was always respectful…

“Can you show me a sketch before I pay?” was the only maybe “not respectfull” message. This was my last message. A “no, beacause…” or “that will cost extra…” would be okay but i get blocked…???

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Well here is your answer, all work on fiverr happens after placing an order (doesn’t matter if it’s a sample or proper delivery)

Those sellers might’ve felt that you used their time (4 hours!) to ask for free work at the end.

Most sellers doesn’t like when people ask to provide free samples before order. (And it’s also against fiverr rules)
I’m a bit more patient and still replying on that kind of messages but I totally understand why they imidiatelly blocked you.


Try to find a top rated seller, or a Pro seller for this task if you’re afraid of a scam or of an unprofessional work…

It may be that you sounded too difficult to work with.


I explained in detail and exactly how I would like it. I said from the beginning what package I want to buy. I painted a little sketch as I imagine. After that, he wanted a photo of me so that he can create the logo (gaming logo). I told him before the interview that my English is not good. I NEVER wanted something free. If he had asked for more money for a reason and he would explain why, I would have absolutely no problem with that to pay.

It might be they thought there was too much messaging. I am just guessing but for whatever reason they decided to block you. If someone is only getting $4 or $8 there is a limit to how much time they can put into messaging. As I said, I’m guessing so please don’t take offense.


4$ or 8$ :joy: no simply no…much more

Then they were not the right sellers. Better to be blocked then to find out after you have placed the order.

I agree with Miss C, the seller might decided not to communicate with you by simply blocking you, if he thinks that your work sounds difficult or too confusing for him. Also, it might be that the seller have too many orders in queue. Did you check that?
I’m however sorry for the bad experience though.

I get messages every day from people who have ongoing questions and messages day after day when they should place an order instead of sending more and more messages.

After two days of answering multiple messages from someone I do feel like blocking them.

I do understand that if I were to order a logo I would try to make sure the seller was going to do it the way I wanted before ordering but some don’t have the patience to continue with messages indefinitely.

edit: It’s not an easy decision for me to block anyone but today I’ve blocked people who never stop sending me messages and questions.


hmm… the seller have too many orders in queue :thinking: , or, the seller was scared because he had no experience :man_facepalming:, or, the seller does not know how to communicate with customers honestly :roll_eyes:

So, this “user_name is not accepting messages at this time”. Does it mean user_name has blocked us or they have reported us or spammed us??
and what is the difference between report and spam in messages option?
How do we block anyone like where is the option of blocking anyone?

Does any of these three option: blocking, report and spam have an impact of our profile?

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