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I was cheated by the seller

Hi everyone/ Fiverr

I am based in London and I was recommend by some one word of mouth that if you are looking for professional web developer . Go to Fiverr
So i followed his advice as i was looking for very professional web developer for my company website. after filtering out many hours i found one who was seemed to me professional at the beginning but he/she was BLUDDY CON ARTIST.

He ask my email address to chat out of the fiverr platform then when i sent you few sample website links as inspiration he/she agreed to develop website and asked me to PAY in advance to buy themes.

He introduced me services called PAYONEER and request £154.00 via this services. I paid him/her money and he/she kept saying i did not receive money. How i spoke to PAYONEER services they said he/she received money and used it . He/she is totally lying to you i have all e-mail communication between him/her and me as well as PAYONEER recording as evidence. I am dealing with PAYONEER to get my money back. but I will request all user of this Fiverr services to be aware of this Fraud / Con artist and request Fiverr services to get rid of him/her from this platform please.
His/Her ID is ************* at Fiverr platform.

Mod Note: Username removed. It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller.

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You need to remove the name of the seller as negatively naming buyers and sellers is not allowed on the forum.

Make sure to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

How this was conducted is a violation of the rules.


@bss2019, besides @lloydsolutions’ advice, please report the seller to customer support attaching screenshots of your conversation. Always keep in mind to never accept paying outside Fiverr. If this should ever happen again, please report immediately.

Here is the link to contact CS, and also their email in case you need it.


I’m sorry about your experience, and I hope Payoneer will help you because they have no tolerance to all kinds of fraud.
I don’t understand one thing… how can a seller with 0 reviews be the most reliable and trustworthy one?


And at description he/she is saying that they were TRS before…


If that were to be true, then he/she is more than well served being banned, and at once!


And one with plagiarized gig description and a triplicate gig, too?


And the profile image isn’t the user, but some “Brishty Islam” woman (@brishtysky). From what I read, a model.


I’m sorry this happened to you and hopefully you can get your money back.

However no one else to blame here. Fiverr has strict rules as for how to use their platform and they even have tutorials on how to place an order. Fiverr can protect you only if you are following platform rules.

And as others said: that person didn’t look trustworthy any single bit but you should definitely report him.


I’m sorry but if you had read Fiverr’s terms and conditions before signing up, none of what has happened would have happened.

What your seller has done is deplorable. However, if you had familiarized yourself with how Fiverr works first, you could have reported your seller the second they asked for your mail. After that, they likely would have been banned.


They’re banned now…