I was contacted for a really suspicious project


Hello everyone! I’m a video artist from Argentina. I’m trying to start working via Fiverr so I was really excited when I received my first message. This message came from a girl who asked me if I did custom videos. I obviously replied that I do, and then she started going on and on about how if I don’t send her videos for her video project her life can end, so I need to help her. She sent me a link to a Vimeo video about the project. she was basically asking me to create videos of people being tied down with ropes and other people tickling their feet. The videos were really low-fi and sort of creepy.
I got so freaked out by the whole thing.
Has anyone else received a message from this girl? Is she really working on this?


I covered this back in '13 but I still get “questionable messages/scripts/etc”. These people tend to target new girls. It’s very likely that the “female” isn’t a female but a guy targeting you to use your work adult-related sites, etc.

I want to stress that: IT IS VITAL that you screenshot the messages requesting this type of service (or any questionable service) to Fiverr CS directly so they are aware of the user and username in particular, because these users just go female Fiverr seller to female Fiverr seller till they find one that’s naive enough to do the work.

They essentially selling themselves and their image to a project that they aren’t actually aware they are going to be a part of FOREVER.

KEEP IN MIND: Fiverr’s Terms of Service grants ALL RIGHTS to work delivered to the Buyers, so don’t do any work or read any scripts on camera that you’re not comfortable with having your face and image connected to. IE. If the video that you created ended up on an adult site or affiliated with something you’re not comfortable with, you have no way to request it be removed or taken down. The rights to the video and what happens with it will be with the Buyer.

Here’s my old post where many other girls talk about similar messages: Heads up before offering your services


If this creeps you out, don’t work with this person. It sounds like they may be looking for adult-oriented services and if so, you can report them to Fiverr Customer Support. The part about “life can end” is extremely weird and would stop me in my tracks. I would report the person to CS, take screenshots to prove the “weird” parts so Fiverr can easily see the problem. Block the person so they can’t message you and if you provide solid evidence, Fiverr will probably close their account.

It doesn’t really matter if anyone else has received these messages or is working with this person. If they make you feel that you are being asked to break ToS, you don’t need to work with them.


This is some pervert guy, not a girl, trying to get his thrill on.

Just ignore it and block this person. Report this to customer support and forget it.


The feet thing seems to still be alive and well on Fiverr! I’ve received my share of weirdo messages (including probably a dozen feet spammers) but nothing about how their life could end if they don’t get the videos. Really freaky and kind of threatening.

It sounds like they are really desperate to get material for their sick project. Messages I’ve had in the past tend to say things like “no one has been willing to help me” or “you’re the exact person I need for my project” but do not fall for it. Report report report.


Thank you all for your replies! I’ve proceeded to block the user and I’ve already contacted Fiverr CS about the whole thing.

I was naive enough to believe that these kinds of things couldn’t happen, but luckily I received so much warnings after creating this thread that I rejected the offer on time. No harm has been done.

Whats bums me out the most is that I had gotten so excited that I was finally going to land my first job! Guess I’ll keep trying and start blocking every user that requests this kind of stuff.


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