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I was earning $1000+ a month and then


Hi all! Hope you are having a great time.

I joined Fiverr in July last year and started earning handsome money from the very beginning. It was November when my gig hit the top of the “Average customer review” page and my impressions on the gig and orders went through the roof. For next straight four months, I earned $1000+ every month and was having the best time ever.

THEN! Then I had to take a leave for a week for my eye surgery in March. I put my profile on vacation mode and went for 7 days bed rest. I logged back in on 8th day, turned off vacation mode and my gig appeared on the fifth line instead of first line where I left it. Within 24 hours I saw it sliding down to second page. I tried changing the description, tags, etc. but nothing worked. My gig now sits on 5th page with zero orders and I’ve done everything I could to make it boom again but all in vain. I have made new gigs, tried relevant different categories, promoted on social media but to no gain.

It has now come down to this: From making $1000 a month, I haven’t made $500 in three months combined after the vacation mode. Is there anything, ANYTHING, I could do to rise again? My gig has 5 star rating, 230+ reviews, zero cancellations, 100% delivery on time, 1 hour response time… I have no idea what can I do to make it work again…

Any suggestions will do. Thank you.


I am Also Facing Same problem Dont No what to do I have heard there is change in fiverr algorithm they have shuffled gigs they are testing there algorithm but no official word yet when will it end i use to receive 10 to 15 messages on daly basis and now not a single message for 3 to 4 days Impressions and views are going down


Yes, heard about the algorithm change. I’ve been closely tracking all the gigs in my category, they all shuffled up and then came back to normal where every gig originally was. Mine never did so. I’m too looking for answers.


Hope so fiverr team will fix this problem as soon as possible :slight_smile:


Welcome for you success


Hopefully but I’m not counting on it


Keep it up @artistshop


first thing is that when you put vacation mode your gig ranking will goes down as same thing was happened to me, and i asked customer service they told me the same, and other thing when you update your gig then there are also possibilities to lose the rankings…the best method i used in my time just offer lowest price services to old buyers, like i’m offering 2-4 css fixes for $5 but at that time i was offering 10 fixes to old buyers and after getting 4-5 orders my gig ranks again…

Hope it helps you!! :slight_smile:


I’ve had set the prices to lowest but it hadn’t helped. Set the prices a little higher a few hours ago. Will see how that goes.


welcome to your success


You didn’t get orders due to less activity on Fiverr. Share your Gig on Social Media and also use buyer request to get orders because as you already said you have 5-star rating with 230+ orders then you should use buyer request and you will get orders from buyer request due to good start rating and your Gig will rank again.


never, put yourself in vacation mode, it affects the exposure on the platform, it’s better that you change the delivery times to each gig than activating vacation mode


Sounds like a plan. Thank you for your input.


I have learned the lesson the hard way. I don’t see why vacation mode exists when it does more harm than good.


A Gig often changes ranking, maybe low or high. Fiverr tries to give exposure to multiple gigs so that all sellers get encouraged & fiverr net income arises. Fiverr wants to make all Buyers & Sellers happy, NOT specific. And now the “PRO” had even effected the rankings too (When the PRO option is ON). Anyway you can get back to your position by Sending Quotes & by creating a few unique Gigs. Keep in mind that “The MORE your create Gigs, The MORE exposure you get” .
And yes BE Patient as “Patience is bitter but it’s fruit is sweet”.


The OP is talking about a real problem that exists and affects a lot of sellers so stop quoting “road for glory” stories.


We have described serious issues & there solutions above. At the end we have given and encouraging quote that is fact & the key to success. However the 2nd last line isn’t a quote if you know the difference. And yeah, you don’t have the right to stop anyone from making his / her topic encouraging through quotes so please STOP this!



That’s a bit mean - @designerz_edge was only trying to offer encouragement. :unamused:


I started work from April in this year although the profile is created November last year. I got the so many order last 2 months but in this month no so much only 3 orders also the gig being decreased its impression, views and lost the search position also.


Hi… I am not new to Fiverr. I have received zero orders from the beginning and probably 2 - 3 views on my gigs. My point is I am probably no expert on this site, however, somebody replied with an interesting solution. Contact your previous clients. Offer them solutions, ask if they have something you could help them with. IRL selling is a matter of seeking your clients. Those who worked with you previously and were satisfied will most likely work with you again. Try getting back in touch. I wish you the best.