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I was flagged and a gig denied but I can not find any reason in the terms, can anyone suggest what

I don’t know the reason I was flagged; however, going through the terms, I didn’t find any violations. I own the rights to the photo image, the gig was only $5, and I was offering verified reviews to free books or those with a link to their book like a gift coupon. Has anyone ever heard of this? Suggestions?

Did you get an email about why the gig was denied? You could also try messaging support and see if they can shed any light as to why.

Hmm, maybe because providing fake verified reviews is illegal?

The same exact thing happened to me. I reworded my gig and put it back up. No problems yet. Try posting the gig again, only write it different, with a different title, etc. The email I got was incredibly vague and I have a feeling it was a competitor reporting my gig in an attempt to get rid of the competition.