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I was fooled by the buyer. What should I do?

Hello, all ,
i’m new in fiverr. I got the order for the first time, I sent the job I need to do, after I did it the buyer never made contact with me, but from the beginning the contact was always awake. the problem is whether the buyer is disappointed with the results I’m working on or how? whereas the buyer also has entrusted his duties completely to me. and the second issue of whether I should make a similar arrangement for the buyer to pay for the work I have done?

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In what way, is the buyer not responding after delivery count as being fooled??? Buyers can place an order then fall in the Bermuda triangle, there is nothing that states they have to leave a review to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction


OP be rest assured. Buyer would be back sooner or later. If Buyer does not return, then you’d successfully delivered your first - and earned your first. Buyers do place Orders and then “disconnect” from the Seller for as long, so you were not fooled in any way. Did you handle the job professionally? If you did, you then have nothing to worry about.

haha do you have a marketing gig?

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