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I was getting 2-3 daily orders, now 2nd day in a row with no orders

Hey, maybe you have the exact same situation:

The past few days were completely empty when the past 10 days were from the new account to 14 orders with 5-star reviews. I raised my reviews and earnings very much, I was really shocked how successful I was but now It stopped for a few days…

Hi there @tadas_puleikis. Sorry to hear this, but Fiverr gives always new sellers to rank higher on their first days… after a week or so it gets back to normal again… this is when you have to work even harder to get back to where your Gigs belong… on First page if you ask me. I hope this helps!!

Good luck!!
Warmly, Humberto

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@hum_on_the_go the problem is: I have several GIGS ranking in different pages (from 1 to 3 page & multiple on 1st page when I’m online i.e [ the buyer turned on the filter to show only online sellers ] ).

My texts are good, catchy & SEO included.

Here’s the stats of my gigs:

Here’s how my thumbnails looks like:

Here’s my style of my texts:

Maximum allowed symbols for the description used.

P.S I have maximum number of 7 GIGS and used similar techniques like for this GIG for all of them.

Thanks for sharing. It looks great, and very catchy… I love it! However, Gig optimization is a huge niche here on Fiverr, like anything else does, so it is hard to keep your gigs showing on first and third pages… I hope you’ll succeed… KEEP IT UP!!! :smiley:

Honestly, Gig Optimization Service was my Raising Star GIG :smiley: plenty of orders in a few days. :smiley:

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Yeah I’ve seen. that’s awesome!! Glad you doing well!! :smiley:

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Thanks but It’s now not performing well :smiley:

I just saw that this GIG we talked about Is Pending and under review by Fiver Trust and Safety team…:confused: