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I was in a car accident, didnt deliver about 30 orders on time, help!


I was in a car accident, I was recovering in a hospital and was not able to do orders on fiver for more than half year. Please suggest / help me guys what to do with my business on fiverr. I got like 30 negative reviews due to not delivering orders in time. Now I have unpaused my business and im not getting any orders and my gig rates dropped massively. What should I do? Should I start over with new account? Please suggest / help me.


You have quite a lot of reviews, and still 4.7 in spite of this row of 1 stars.
I have no idea at all whether that is an option from Fiverr´s side, but if you can prove that you were in the hospital and couldn´t deliver those orders at that time, with a medical certificate from the hospital, you could at least try, they can´t say more than no.

And if they say no, and you want to keep the account, you could try putting an explanation in your profile text and maybe in the gig descriptions too for people who´d look.
If I was a buyer and read that explanation and see that all those 1 star reviews were in a row and before that there were lots of good reviews, I might risk to order.

Else, you could try the ‘promote your gig on social media thing’, with the ‘back from hospital message’ too, and you could see if you can find family or friends or local people who might need something your gigs offer to get a couple sales and reviews that show that you´re back and didn´t give up on the account.

If you hadn´t so many good reviews already, I´d say start over, but like this, I don´t know, it´s difficult, I suppose, the thought that you´d only lose time if it won´t pick up again against losing those reviews.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


I agree if you have 100s of positive reviews than try your best to save this account otherwise start with a new one.
Good Luck


Contact customer support and explain what happened.
You seem to have been a perfect seller before those reviews so I think they will help you and hopefully remove those reviews for you.


Hopefully they will help you. I delivered an order late due to being in the hospital when an old custom order came in and they didn’t help with it. I’m not sure there was any way they could though, unlike in the OP’s situation.


Yeah, that’s the reason I don’t like that we will be rated or leveled based on the latest 60-day period rather than on the basis of a lifetime record on Fiverr. If something were to happen, either I got sick or my mom got sick and I was off Fiverr for a week or two, and had to cancel some orders, that would be it for my Fiverr journey. Life is like that, you can’t predict what’s going to happen in the future. The new system assumes everything will be perfect and everything will be rosy - permanently and rewards people for being perfect all the time, on a permanent basis. Well, that’s not how life is like.


The cynicism is strong with this one…


What I don’t understand is that even sensible people like Jon and MissC support this new system. Things can go wrong all of a sudden. You can’t be perfect all the time. Accidents happen. Natural disasters happen. People get sick. Family members get sick. Bad things happen. The new system will punish you and take everything away from you if bad things happen to you. So pray to God that nothing bad ever happens to you or to your loved ones which can affect your delivery times/ ratings/ order completion on Fiverr, for which you will be evaluated every 30 days.


I think there should be a human intervention in the new system for when people have emergencies.
Even if they make people prove they had a real one, it would be more fair. Also, the lifetime record of a seller should be looked at to see if this is habitual or a one time thing.

If you are in an accident for example it shouldn’t mean the end of your perfect years long record and subsequently being demoted.


What if a family member was to get sick and the seller had to take a few days off to care for them? It’s not so simple. Just 1 “3” star review after hundreds of “5” star reviews in a row and on the forum told me how I was a non-performer, a failure and advised me to learn and perform to keep going on Fiverr…


Are you saying this actually happened? It didn’t seem to fit with the first part of your post.


I didn’t get the “3” star review because someone got sick, if that’s what you mean, just pointing out how thin the margins are and how easily things could go wrong when you are evaluated on a 60-day basis constantly.


I see!

Yes now that I get fewer orders a month, the margin is going to be thin.


Thanks guys for your respond and your support. Should I contact support then? Do you think they will help me by that? There is like 30 negative reviews that I recived due to inactivity.

Please let me know


All your one star ratings are more than 4 months old. Meaning, they should have already lost their importance in weighing down your account.

It seems the account has lost ‘momentum’ and may take steps to regain it. Respond to buyer requests, Start new Gigs, promote Gigs via Social media, Adwords etc.


It never hurts to contact Support in a case like this, @careem. As long as you remain polite and professional with your request, Support will typically treat you in the same way whether they can actually do anything for you or not. The last time I had an issue with a buyer, they explained to me that there were some things they could intervene with and some things they could not, but they were as nice as I was to them. No harm in asking.

If they can’t help you and you can keep at it, it may be technically easier to maintain your current account and bring it back up than to start from scratch. If it doesn’t work out after some trying, you can always start over later. I would try to recover first if it was me, but that’s just personal opinion. No one here can give you a definite answer to what you should do. Best of luck with your account and your recovery.


Jinx. :wink:


Mods can post less than 20 characters??! What?

In other news, here’s my two cents: vacation mode. Sure you lower some in search when you get back, but that’s better than cancelled orders and unhappy buyers!


You can do it too, it’s not a mod trick, just a trick! Put a horizontal line under your words by using a few dashes. The forum sees the dashes as characters but just displays a faint line. Forum hax! :slight_smile:

BTW, as to the VM, it is a good suggestion although if he had orders in progress and didn’t make it home to deliver, VM would not have stopped current orders.


Nope. :slightly_smiling_face: