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I was in the 3th page of product photography and now I can't find myself anymore

i was appear until last night, I was in the 3th page of “product photography” now I can’t find myself no more, and NOTHING happens.

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Did you edit your gig?


I think you should read this :thought_balloon:


i edited few days ago, I put new shoots on

thank u my dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just as someone said the other day, using “dear”, “mate”, “brother” and the likes is a big turn off for some clients. Nobody will penalize you for doing that, but you just night be shooting yourself in the leg without knowing

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That could be a thing but there are also people who have expectations for creatives to have a personality. While - yes - it can be seen as unprofessional, it could be what a certain niche wants. I’ve had colleagues and professors who suggested that sometimes this is useful depending on the situation and where you’re going artistically. BUT considering this is product photography, you may be correct here.

Well, same thing happened to my gig. couldn’t find my gig on recommended page for the page 4 weeks, such a painful experience it has been.

and u know why? and your gig back to appear for u them?

Is it disappear for everyone ?

i think so, please would u can search for me? my category is product photography