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I Was Just Scamed By A Top Rated Seller!


Last Month I Ordred A Gig From This Seller : With 500$ And H Said That He Will Make A Lot Of Backlinks And Guaranteed rankings As He Said 1st Positions !

Our Deal Was To Reach First Position In a Few Keywords !

He Send Me a Ahrefs Report Showing My Backlinks And Domain Refering At The First : Attachment

And Yesterday I Screenshot ahrefs Report Showing : Attachment

I Wanted To Cancel Several Time And He Dont Want Because He Just want to Take My Money Without A Real Job !

The Order Is late he didn’t give me final report and marked this order as delivred and add 25 days to it !

please be sure to not buy gig fromthis scamer he is :fragglesrock and this is his profil link :


Sheriff’s Note: Calling out users by name is against the forum Do’s and Dont’s.

Anyone with a little SEO knowledge will know most SEO gigs on Fiverr are just scams. Crappy backlinks won’t make you to No. 1 of Google rank. If it really will, you’ll soon be hit by Google Update or punishments some time.

You can expect this post to be completely deleted or the links censored as you violate the rules of the forum by yelling out users’ names. I don’t know, maybe you’re just one of his competitors.

Contact Support if needed. $500 is not a small amount (I assume you’re not lying). $500 spent on Facebook ads, Google Adwords, or quality content will definitely bring some great results compared with these crappy backlinks generated by software which are worth nothing (Yes, I mean $0) and harm your sites. Your site now is rather suspicious in Google’s eyes with sudden surge of low quality backlinks.

You probably will not rank first so quickly with a backlink.

If you want to rank first, you have to switch on AdWords.

Ask for the money back through cs ffiverr, they will help you problem

@streamfull I dont know if you noticed but… look at where all your backlinks are coming from.

why on God’s earth would someone want that many backlinks!

8 referring domains provided 19000 backlinks?

Reply to @customrapsongs:

Because they are ignorant, and have so much money to spend (or waste…).

@misscrystal this is a 8 referring 301 redirection :wink: !

@seobookmarkbest i Asked Them And I’m Waiting !

We Know That With Adword I Will rank 1st but for a shot time :wink:

@markp Hey I 'm waiting till 1 month :wink: and nothing …

@willpower_hk thanks you very much :wink: !

and i’m not his competitor :wink: !

And I Just Wanted That any buyer want get gigs from this scamer !!

Not all fiverr SEO gigs are spam. Mine are genuine high quality links especially the $20 extra on the gig which gives you a donation page and a homepage link form a 30ish trust flow domain. Sorry im not trying to advertise my gigs just saying that not all the gigs here are spam

Reply to @fenomz:

Not all, but most, sadly. Check out And Google doesn’t like paid links. I find organic SEO much less risky, and content is still the king.

I have done some amazing things for websites as an SEO specialist, going to a level of optimization that I never saw other SEO “specialists” do or think of. But, although I had almost 100% success in putting different sites into #1 to #5 Google listings for the most relevant and USED search terms I would never ever guarantee a #1 Google listing! I would shoot for the moon all the time but I had also researched the competition before I told someone what I “thought” I could “probably” achieve.

IF you see any ad, ANY Ad guaranteeing a #1 position or #1 RANKING in Google IT IS A SCAM. No way out of it, it is a SCAM. That is a Rule, not an exception.

I Asked the support for some help and i found that the support is corporating with the seller !

i Thinks that i will ask paypal for a refund and i will file a complaine !!

becarfull about this seller that fiverr dont want that i show his name in this post !

i’m sorry but this really a SCAM

sound strange to me how some one will spend that amount on backlinks that one can easily get done by yourself or do a facebook or adword with that amount and good content you will get there.

Well if the seller promised something and didn’t deliver you should obviously be eligible for a refund. Hopefully fiverr support can handle this, I’ve heard positive things about their resolutions here on this forum.

While I’m curious as to who he/she is I think it is great that fiverr support would rather keep it secret until all facts are known and considered and the issue is resolved - because while I do believe you, it just scares me how easy it can be to destroy someone’s reputation.

20k direct backlinks does look like a joke however. And coming from 7 IP-s this is the most obvious spam in the world… Mass links actually work, but people need to use them correctly and not blast them directly to the site, I can’t see how this gig can do anything but hurt you.

P.S. I just read that you thing the support is cooperating with the seller… I can’t see how this can happen purposefully. Fiverr rely on their good PR, they wouldn’t destroy it by supporting scams.

You’re most likely being emotional in your discussion with them, too, instead of rationally pointing out why or how you were misguided.

Still hoping to see a positive outcome in this very thread…

Here we learn two things.

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    All backlinks have their uses, if you put in a proper way.

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    Good luck


Anyone that offers “that many” backlinks is obviously a scam. I offer backlink services but mine are a little different. I offer authentic backlinks that actually relate to your site and I also do some by hand as well. So I don’t think you should say ALL seo services are a scam because some of us are legit.