I was near despair #I want someone to help me


I have done a gig that no one has done what I do and no buyers

Please, I want you all to see my own gig and to reveal my mistakes



This is a very dramatic title for someone who joined in June, yikes.

Be patient. Some people have to wait weeks and months for their first order.


Are there any gig errors My Own


Yes, the title is a bit dramatic. Here are some suggestions I recommend for your gig:

  • Check your text for grammar errors and make it sounds better. You can check grammar with grammarly.com for free, but you need to learn english or ask someone that does to make it sound good. “I Will Pack For Your Brand3d And 2d”, "For the top five buyers, they can create a video for their voice to display your brand content. ", “Buy now and be in Global as a professional - I was the first 10 buyers to get the offer” are some examples of text that doesn’t make sense.

  • Change the picture of your profile. Is black and white, and that looks depressing.

  • Study best selling gigs like yours, and see what they do differently. After careful studying, make your gigs look even better than theirs.

  • Create a title that makes more sense and is catchy. What does “I Will Pack For Your Brand3d And 2d” even mean?

Good luck :+1: