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I was near to become Seller of level 2 but i was new and unaware of requirements so i doped to 0 :(

Hey folks i was about to become seller of level 2 and 90% has done but i was not sure till when i need to meet the max orders. now i am on level 0 now :frowning: what is the best way and what after the main causes ?

I think to become level 2, you’ll have to become level 1 first?? But I checked your profile and noticed you have 30 reviews so you must be level 1 by now…since you started at March 2015 or did you just recently start to be active around here?? There are many question and factors to look into…

Did you do something to violate the Fiverr TOS or have you been awarded a Level 1 seller badge before?

You loose levels when doing something against the ToS (spam,…), when your rating is too low (this doesn’t seem to be the case) or have too many cancellations.

Hi Farheen !!! Asslam o alikum

as per your question you said you are going to level 2 track right 90percent then suddenly you drop on zero level . Thats mostly because you voilate the terms and condition of fiver website . Fiver remove the levels if someone break the rules at first time so have you ever done this . IF you done this so please never this again in order to save your account . Now keep working hard . keep working when system beleives you again they will give you everything back even level 2 seler status as well .

so Thats my personal advice to you …


Are you aware of doing anything that was against the rules? Did you contact a buyer outside of Fivver? Did you create a second account? Did you send out spam messages?