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I was not promoted


Hey there,

I have fulfilled all the requirement needed to be promoted in this evaluation. But i didn’t get promote.

Is anyone here got this kind of problem? this is very frustrating!! :confounded: I already contacted customer support about this and waiting for their reply. I don’t think they will promote me manually since it is a automatic process. But i’m hoping at least a fair reply.


Is it possible your completion rate was below 90% at the time of the evaluation?


nope, It became 90% on 13th of jan. :tired_face:


That’s unfortunate. I really hope that it is not one of those “automated”… “beyond our control” things. If what you say is true, I hope Fiverr is able to give you the level 1 badge without you having to wait for another month. Keep us posted.

Good luck! :snowflake:


I got a reply from CS :

I think they will provide me a fair thing. :slight_smile:


That’s wonderful! :slight_smile:

Good luck! :snowflake:


Another reply from CS :

Hello again,

I’m still trying to get a response, I will let you know as soon as I have more details on this.



Last reply :

Hi there,

I hope you are doing well we have looked into your issue and after a very thorough verification, unfortunately, we won’t be able to upgrade your account.

I know this can be disappointing but I’m sure that with the numbers you have so far and if you keep the good work, you will be able to get upgraded next month.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Have a wonderful day.

As they said, this is really disappointing that they took 2 days to analyze the account and didn’t provide me any details at least what’s hapenned unless saying " we won’t be able to upgrade your account. ".


Then you should reply and ask them for a reason it wouldn’t be promoted this month. They either need to admit that it was a mistake but it’s an automatic promotion which they have no control of or they need to give you a reason why not.


What was the reason for your de-promotion? did you break any fiverr TOS rules


Yes i asked for reason, waiting for their reply. :slight_smile:


I got few orders cancelled and demoted due to my order completion rate out of standards. :frowning:


Cancellation will definitely affect your account very badly, might be your account under review with trust and safety team, you may wait until 15th of Feb


I got this at last :

I verified this and it seems that you had some cancellations that stopped you from getting promoted it is possible that by the time of your revision, your rating was not updated. I’m sorry about this but I’m sure you’ll get it next month.