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I was off! Or was it because the Buyer is new?

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Hmm, I really learnt a lot from this trend. My first experience, 12hours ago is what led me to this discussion group.

Buyer communications, service as described was excellent as the Buyer affirmed I just solved a unique challenge other sellers he contacted have been unable to do for him. He described my service awesome, innovative, superb and so on in our order discussion.

And BOOM!!! I delivered (after a first asking for modifications and more) and see the ratings 5,1,1​:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:! What?

I was off! Or was it because the Buyer is new?

I raised a dispute with CS, I’m just hoping I haven’t made a terrible mistake doing that from ALL I have read here.

If I understand correctly, in your conversations he complimented the work you did but upon delivery he rated poorly? Did he ask for any revisions?

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You’re worried about a 5.1.1 rating?

You should be happy the client left a rating.

They are not obligated to do so.

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I’m truly sorry that this happened to you!

CS probably won’t do anything about it because at the end of the day, it’s up to the buyer about how they want to rate your service. Maybe send in some screenshots to argue your point better! Good luck :slight_smile:

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There wasn’t any revisions asked for actually, though within few minutes of initial delivery, s/he made a request for additional 3 more ideas to serve as a back up in case the initial ones (equally well appreciated) doesn’t work out at his end.

It was his appreciation of this requested additionals that got me surprised when the 5.1.1 came in.

And yes response from the CS has been soothing as regards waiting for dispute response if things will change or I move on as mostly advised here!


You are correct. There has been couple of orders with no reviews or ratings regardless of the service experience.

I would have been fine if this went the same way, it was just “the surprise” to see such despite being one of the best service experience personally for me, arguably.


Thanks for this😔.

I think it will be more wisdom to move on than to create unnecessary hitches for myself.

It seems to me that it is better not to have a rating than a 2.4? No?

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As you know, ratings really mean nothing to me.

But if I had to choose, I’d prefer a 2.4 to nothing.

It would keep me humble and remind me that although I may think I’m perfect…I’m not in everybody’s eyes.

Plus, some people are very hard to please.

A 2.4 would tell me that, as well.

I would not view a 2.4 as an insult.

To me, it would be an opportunity to take a hard look at my work and try to become better at what I do.


To seller with 664 positive reviews yes ratings mean nothing to you. If you had 2-10 4 star reviews and if Fiverr was 100% of your income the 4,9 would bother you.

And you should be. Even one 4* can downgrade your GIG for a while and if Fiverr is your only source of income at the moment that hurts.

To you, that depends only partially on Fiverr. Most of the sellers, especially new sellers are only on Fiverr and that is it. And it is not by choice. All other freelancing sites have a different concept of work.
Here BR is something you can ignore. On other sites, all orders come from you making offers on them. So you HAVE to be online to catch a good offer and get it.

That is why Fiverr is rising above them.

Here you offer your services and they have the option to pick you without you lurking for their projects.

But, also Fiverr ranking GIG system and showing GIG to the public depends on all the tiny statistics.

In most cases, you can “survive” if you have returning clients that are not looking for you in search results.
But if you are new, plus in a category that doesn’t make sense to get returning clients, every rating under 5 is going to hurt you.

In his case client, 99.9% made mistake in selecting stars in the rating. It makes no sense to leave great text and different star rate. That is different from learning how to work or become better.

I hope they ask the buyer privately did he/she made mistake and correct this.

2 1* are going to hurt your profile tremendously. It will take months or years to recover.

This is your only review on that GIG. If Fiverr CS doesn’t do anything consider deleting it and start over with new GIG. You will still have a negative review on your profile but not the GIG attached to it.


@marinapomorac thank you for this insight. I’ll surely act in this direction if nothing happens from CS at the end of the day👍


Even if all I had were 10 reviews, it still wouldn’t matter to me.

I was sharing my opinion.

Last time I checked, I was still allowed to do that here.

But thanks for pointing that out.


Opinion yes, say all day long how you do not care about reviews or rating or anything that happens on a platform that you do not depend on to put food on the table for your children.

But to suggest new sellers or anyone under 500 reviews not to care about reviews and ratings is just pure wrong because that is against the policy of how things work on Fiverr.

Fiverr TOS and Seller help section clearly state that ranking in search results is affected by ratings, stars, and reviews left, plus anonymous rating have a significant impact too.

For honest reviews under five*, that is perfectly OK. You failed to deliver, and you got a lower rating; learn from the pain.
But when you get a lower rating due to buyer error or buyer spite or scammer buyer, being left with downgrading and no orders are not something to take it in and accept.

To some people, this is extra curriculum. To most, this is the only source of income.
And to some of them, if they do not get 100-500$ a month, that means no food for children, no paid bills, eviction, and other health issues that can happen. They are stuck in their homes, and the only way to make money is online, and the only site that offers to achieve that quickly is Fiverr.

There are other sites and other options, but they all take time.
Fiverr is the only site where if you approach it seriously and make superb gigs, you can start making money on day one.

But all of that is on a thin line due to ranking evaluation.

So when someone gets unfair four* and one* and anything in between, loses the chance to make an income that week or month and comes on the forum, yes, please come and share your opinion how you do not care about rating.

But unless you are willing to pay for food, utility bills, and health insurance do not say to other sellers, they should not care too.

They need to care. They must care.

They need excellent ratings. Anything under 4.8 is the end of career on Fiverr unless you have momentum going and returning clients.

When you get just one 4* out of three scores your GIG is pushed back.

Just one 4* stops all your sales. This is a fact, not an opinion.