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I was offered to leave a 5 star review on Tripadvisor

Hello everyone,
a buyer just ordered one of my gig. He posted a buyer’s request where he just stated, in italian, “i needa a review in Italian”. So I sent him an offer, offering him to write an impartial review of his product/hotel/attraction after a little research about it. I also stated that I would have not published any review in sites such as Tripadvisor and to contact me if interested.

The buyer bought a gig without contacting me first, asking for a 5 star review in Tripadvisor, even if I specified that I wouldn’t do that.
Now, I couldn’t fiind it in terms and contions, but I suppose that this kind of service is not allowed in Fiverr. I contacted Customer support, but while I’m waiting their answer what should I do? Do I cancel the gig explaining the customer why?

Thanks for your help!


the buyer will contact you with his requests then you can deliver it

Thank you for your reply, but that’s not the problem. The problem is he asked for a service that I thing is not allowed here onf Fiverr. Should I cancel the gig affecting my cancellation rate or wait for customer support to answer me?

cancel the order is the best way and select the " buyer ask for survives not allowed here " dont worry it will not affect on your stars

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I tried to look for that option but I only have “the buyer requested work, which is not offered in ths gig”. I think I will use that option even if it’s not what I wanted.

Thanks for your help.

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Yes, THAT is the correct option to utilize in THIS case.

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Thanks for the reply.

Will my rate be affected by this cancellation? It’s a new gig, it would be a pity if it wasn’t visible due to a buyer ordering not allowed gigs :frowning:

The rate WILL be affected if the cancellation is NOT Mutual.

So make sure buyer will agree to cancel after you send the request.

Otherwise you can contact customer support to have it cancelled if the buyer is causing trouble, as what the buyer is wanting is out of Terms of Service.

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You’re correct. No service that breaks the ToS of a third party is allowed. Some people offer such services anyway, and it can even work for them for a while, and then you see them on the forum crying about their bestselling gig suddenly being denied (or about getting kicked from Fiverr permanently, “they don’t know why”).


Thank you very much, I asked for a cancellation, I think it’s the best option.

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I actually saw a couple of that gigs when I first joined Fiverr.

Now I’m wondering, is it allowed to offer a gig specifically for impartial hotel/products reviews? For example to promote a new hotel I could write an article describing what the hotel offers, where it’s located and so on?

I’m not sure, really. Paid reviews are against Terms of Service of many websites, so you’d have to be careful about that; on the other hand, reviews that are going to be posted on the customer’s website or your blog should be fine. Or, you could be writing articles, not reviews; it’s certainly fine to write a travel article or an article about a product.

I hope someone else will give you a more specific answer. You can also contact Customer Support and ask them for advice (and then save the screenshots covering what’s allowed and what isn’t, so, if there’s any trouble, you can prove that you’re officially allowed to do it).

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Yes, I’ve already contacted customer support I’ll wait for their answer. I currently have a gig for articles and I think I’ll leave it that way for now. :slight_smile:

Trip Advisor definitely has complained very forcefully about people putting up paid reviews on their site.
They take a very hard stance about that. It’s not fair to people who rely on those reviews to see ones that have been purchased often by undesirable places.

I use that site a lot and wouldn’t want to think a restaurant or hotel was great based on a review only to find out it was terrible.

Never post a review on Trip Advisor that someone paid for and yes definitely cancel that order.


I know, my problem wasn’t if accept the order or not, I actually never offered him such service. I was wondering if cancelling the order would affect my rate. I asked Customer Support but while waiting for their response I cancelled the order anyway.

I’m concerned too because this isn’t the first time that people ask me to leave a Tripadvisor review ( I always report them, but this one ordered without askig first). So every time I use Tripadvisor I can’t help but wonder if the reviews I’m reading are genuine or fake.

Cancel this. Not allowed.


I’ve already cancelled it, thanks for your reply :slight_smile: Even if my cancellation rate goes up, I prefere that instead of my account closed!

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Glad to hear it! You made a great choice.

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When you cancel or request mutual cancellation, the buyer receives an email with the headline: The seller has opened a dispute on . . .

If the buyer accepts the cancellation, he or she can provide a private feedback to include rating you (1 to 5 stars) in communication & will you order from this seller again.

If the buyer is nice, he or she can say it was their mistake to order and give you five stars in both. If they are vindictive, they can say something mean and give you 1 star - since it’s private feedback, you won’t see it.


@gina_riley2 That is news. Thanks for sharing. Nice to see you on here.


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