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I was one on fiverr with a Unique gig but now got many Competitor with the same gig copied

I joined Fiverr in 2013, I searched for a gig with many possible keywords I wanted to make sure to find a gig that was not available on Fiverr and not created by anyone so that I would be one on Fiverr who have this unique gig and I did it.

I used to get orders day by day but after some weeks I saw there were many competitors who copied my title and was giving the same service to Buyers. And then after some times they had more orders than me and some of them are now TOP RATED SELLER. My gig that I started first on Fiverr isn’t being ordered.

Now, I am earning from other gigs but it is still there in wish that may be some time it will get alive :frowning:


If I had t-shirts for everytime someone has stolen my ideas, I’d be dead by virtue of being buried alive in machine washable polyester.

You just have to learn to live with it


Haha :joy::joy: lol it happened

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You remind me by Nokia!
You should always work on your gig ans improve it! If others became too rated then why can’t you? Just set a goal and work on it.

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I get sellers who sell what I sell, with the exact same gigs, asking to buy my gigs that they copied from me. Tonight it happened again, she has my own gig copied and wants to now buy that gig from me, and is asking questions showing she is clueless about it although she has reviews showing she is selling it.

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Thanks for your kind cooperation/Uzzal

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You better change your gig title including same service. and Obviously change the search tag. Then make a custom order with this to your old buyer. I think it will be helpful for rank your gig in Top. When you get on Top hopefully you will get order

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