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I was online at Fiverr, but my gig disappeared when I turned on the online seler

i’m always online on fiverr , then i’m trying to find my own gig on fiver. at first I found my gig, but after turning on the online sellers option, my gig just disappeared, i tried to search my own gig again and i didn’t found it , but when i turn online sellers off , my gig just showed up on the first page. is this some kind of bug? can anyone explain this to me?

Where are you turning online on and off? The app?

Share some screenshots, that will helpful to describe your problem as it’s not clear from your description!

I think the OP is talking about the online sellers button which we get as a filter while buying on fiverr

I doubt if anyone here has the answer to this. Turning that on and off shuffles the gigs around but what you describe is unusual so you could try asking customer support why this is happening.

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@misscrystal @doorshadow @tech_treon , sorry for that , it was fixed :slight_smile: ,I have read many forums, and many people say bugs like this are common bugs. so i try to close my browser , and then i try to search my gig again with online sellers filter turned on , and i found my gig . really sorry for that :pray: