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I was promised a bunch of website visitors i think all i got was a dummy link for$5

2 sellers promised to send a number of visitors to my website. when the order was complete they give a link

that looks like google url shortner. the link from the first seller says 2 clicks have been made. While the other link says

over 1400 clicks have been made. I was really confused so i use google ad sense and it reports a little over 1000 hits. Can i demand a refund?? any comments are welcome.

I have no idea how these things work, but is it possible the clicks will simply take time to deliver? That might be worth asking the seller.

I’d take a screenshot of the 1400 clicks link and the 1000 clicks adsense link and send both to that seller, though, asking for an explanation of the difference. If the seller’s given you a link that provides false information that’s not fair to you.