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I was Scammed by a Buyer

One buyer called XXXX used my service and didn’t pay anything for me
how can i take my rights ? i only have his Username on Fiverr.

He cannot be a buyer unless he actually placed an order.

If you did work without an order that was your choice.

Everyone is supposed to place an order before a seller does any work. If they don’t then the seller shouldn’t begin any work.


it is my mistake that i didn’t make him place an order before i started


why then u come here, u know u did wrong. And fiveer will not care about it, u broke the rules.

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You did a mistake Shuave, it’s not the end of the world, the difference is that you must learn from that mistake.

Next order make sure that the Buyer send you an order so you start doing work, otherwise don’t cause in the end its a waste of your time and effort, Good luck on fiverr.


Nothing Can be Done now…instead getting this thing on your head take it as a lesson or learning Process and Move Forward

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