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I was scammed out of 14k by someone who was going to build a python crypto bot

As the title suggests, I was incredibly naive and sent the crypto to this guy thinking that I would some how get the product that I was asking for. There were many red flags along the way, I even spoke to this guy on the phone several times and he would take offense every time I implied it was a scam. He said to trust him and unfortunately i did. I’m not asking for pitty or anything but is there anywhere I can go to lodge a criminal complaint against this guy for intentionally scamming? He says he is based in India and I am assuming Fivver has his contact information. I am based in the US.

If this happened by exchanging the number on Fiverr … you both broke the rules in the first place…

If you actually placed an order through Fiverr , definitely contact support … however since you mentioned that ’ you sent the crypto ’ I guess that this didn’t happen through Fiverr since there’s no way of paying with crypto currency here as far as I know… at least for now.


Whaaaat? :grimacing:

Fiver does not accept any cryptocurrency as a form of payment for orders conducted through the site, so you’ve basically admitted to never having placed a legitimate order through Fiverr.

Gut instincts kick in for a reason. The warning signs were present and unfortunately, you are unaware of how real orders on Fiverr actually proceed.


Not sure about criminal complaint, but you have a phone number. Maybe you can get 'em (indirectly) with a glitterbomb.

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Fiverr may have his contact information, but they are not going to give it to you.

As said above, when you mentioned that you paid this guy in cryptocurrency, that shows you did this “order” or “deal” outside of the Fiverr platform, which pretty much takes any safety net Fiverr would have offered away. Much like if you were to order from a seller on Ebay off of Ebay, Ebay cannot help you.

I also do not think that you can lodge a complaint with the police - this guy is in a totally different country and our laws probably cannot touch him - he knew this too - that is why he wanted cryptocurrency. Cannot be traced, you cannot get a refund and you unfortunately get ripped off.

While this is already a done deal - meaning, you have just learned an expensive lesson - next time a seller on any platform tries to take you off that platform and asks for a wire transfer, cryptocurrency or some other payment method that cannot be traced or refunded, RUN! Oh, and, when this particular seller here led you off Fiverr, you should have used the Report button and reported their account to Fiverr.

Do you still have messages between the two of you HERE on Fiverr where they lured you away from Fiverr? If so, report them if they have not blocked you from contacting them on Fiverr yet. Even if you have been blocked by them, if you have messages in YOUR account where it is clear they are leading you off Fiverr and wanting you to pay in another way, copy/paste those messages and report them. The chances they are doing this to other unsuspecting buyers is pretty darn HIGH.

I feel bad you lost such a huge amount. :frowning: