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I was so excited to work on Fiverr but now I am dissapointed

Made two gigs, Been a day, no impression, no click no gig order… Is the market dominated? Is there no room left? :frowning:

Fiverr is not for everyone

  • you’ve been here 1 day
  • you’ve read about 4-5 topics in this forum so far
  • your gig description is about 5 sentences
  • you have 1 single logo in your portfolio
  • your logo is not unique and probably not even yours

I’d say this market is not for you.

Yea, do I have to upload my own logo? Thats just a gig profile pic mayte.

How can I improve mayte?

Start reading Fiverr Academy and this forum.


Dude, can you review my offer, if you would like to do so, thanks.

I like to put myself in the client’s shoes and ask the question: “Would I hire me?” More often than not, I end up tweaking something in my gigs, because sometimes that answer is a big fat NO. I’m doing that right now.

And give it some time. You’re in one of the most highly-competitive gig categories on Fiverr. You’ll have to build your client base slowly. There are very few cases where people became overnight successes here. Keep plugging along, be patient, and give fantastic serviceto those buyers who do give you a chance.

I wish you success!


thank you very useful !

Thanks man! Appreciated