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I was soooo curious I just had to


I have been very curious about whether or not the sellers posting on Buyer Requests are getting any sales there. I was tempted to post one of my own just to see what would happen. However, I did not, because it felt so wrong to do so. Then I made an offer to someone who clearly was not a buyer but a seller. I also explained that if he intended to sell his gig he was posting as a seller where only buyers were supposed to post. He answered me, “I do it because everyone else is doing it.”

Then yesterday I again made an offer to someone who was obviously selling on Buyer Request. This time I told the person that I was not making a true offer, but was wondering if they had made any sales through the offers they had.

Their answer was, “I get more sellers wanting me to buy from them for my gigs other than people willing to buy from me. In fact, it was almost getting me confused. Like whats happening?” As our messaging went on, I found out this person had no idea what they were doing. When I went to their profile, they had not even made one gig yet they were trying to offer a proofreading service. I told them about the academy, and how they could not hope to sell on Fiverr without gigs. They responded with, “I guess I am not too good at using Fiverr.”

So now I have my question answered. Sellers are posting there because other sellers are doing so. Sellers are posting there because they do not know what they are doing. Sellers who post there are not getting orders. Now I wish Fiverr would end them even being able to post there. However, as another user said, “I do not think it is that important to Fiverr.”

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What level sellers were they?


It all seems obvious. :thinking:

Being on the forum for as long as I have has made me understand that there are many sellers who have no idea what to do.


New, both were newbies.


I figured as much.

They get 30 offers and get excited thinking 30 people want to hire them to realize it’s the other way around.

Many languages have description after the noun, in English we say:

Blue house, in other languages it’s House blue

In English we say Buyer’s Request in other languages they’re reading it as Request Buyer.

Why is the buyers request section filled with sellers request instead?

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:…This is just so true


That makes sense. Now I understand better.


Because they do not take time to do the Academy or read the TOS.


They are just dumb also.


So it’s true. Buyer Requests is an even bigger idiot farm than I first suspected. You should be a PI. You’ve already got the hat. Jobs in pretty much in the bag.

As for this bit. I’ve thought about it and I think that this problem has gone on so long because realistically Fiverr can’t ban sellers from posting requests. Many sellers are also buyers. In this case, every BR would have to be checked on a case by case basis and with the sheer volume of people as about compos mentis as a golf ball showing up to post, this might not be practical.


I believe they are scammers. They ask you to buy directly from them outside the Fiverr and then disappear.


Let’s be more honest. Since this subject was brought up, let’s just say these are not exactly geniuses who post there as sellers.


That´s how every apocalypse started


By the way, if you want to proofread ten chapters of a guy’s book, for $5 with unlimited revisions you better rush over to Buyer Requests now! I have an acquaintance who asked me to read his e-book and give him an honest review on Amazon. After I started to review it, I found a plethora of errors of every kind. I asked him if I could let him know of his mistakes, and ended up proofreading the whole book for free. He then told me I should look into Fiverr and so I did and here I am. Funny thing is he had “sadly,” he said, already paid someone from Fiverr to proofread it. You get what you pay for. I would charge $80 for what I did for him now.


If things ever get that bad, I’ll be putting the cooker on gas mark 5 and sitting in it for a while.


I can’t imagine anyone who can be able to properly do that job needing the $4 so badly to do something like that.


Also, the book people on Fiverr are insane. I will never be able to get my head around the deranged buyer I had when I started and used to offer e-book formatting, who repeatedly ordered from me so that I could turn her textless paper drawing cut out book into an ebook.

It was random generic clip art which someone buying the book had to physically cut out and place on a vision board. - You can’t cut things out of an ebook, though, and this fact was just lost on her.


@misscrystal @cyaxrex He has 21 offers as we speak.


I was just thinking he would get a lot of offers. Some will probably do it free, but of course do a horrible job. In fact all will do a horrible job, that’s a given.


That’s 21 nails in the author coffin and counting. Now all he’ll need to do is find someone willing to bury his book for him too.