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I was told \"you\'re hired\" through my inbox but customer didn\'t order my gig?

I posted a transcription gig earlier today and I was (surprisingly) contacted through messages by someone who wanted an interview transcribed. They posted a link to the audio and asked if I understood it, and if I could transcribe a sample so he knew I understood it. I did as I was asked, and posted the sample as a response to his message. He replied that it was good, and that I was to keep working because I was hired. This is my first gig order ever, and I just made my account yesterday, so I don’t really know how this works, but if he wanted my service shouldn’t he click “order” on my gig? Otherwise I would be doing it for free, right? My gig promises 24 hour service, so does that mean from now or when he officially orders it? I do not want to spend all of this time transcribing for him to ultimately not order the gig. What do I do?

Don’t do anything until he actually places an order. You are not “Hired” until he puts up the money and actually “Hires” you through Fiverr officially.

The order starts, when you get a notification of a enw order and he submits the requirements, don’t send the work via messages, you won’t get paid for it

You’re not “hired” until he buys a gig from you lol

So should I reply and let them know that they should place the order? If they need the script I don’t want to leave them hanging.

So should I reply and let them know that they should place the order? If they need the script I don’t want to leave them hanging.

Yes, reply and let them know that if they do not place the order you can not do anything. Don’t worry if you leave them hanging because they need the script. If they needed it that bad they would not leave you hanging and pay promptly to start the order.

Never do work until someone places an order, no matter what they say. Sometimes they will try to trick you into doing free work but you will not get paid.

If the order isn’t in the bag, don’t do it. Unless you want to be a crap Mother Theresa.

Please ask them to place a order first.some time scammer do this with new seller and then they ran away so be careful first start a order then deliver him :slight_smile: happy Selling

We will be happy if you will get your first order. Best of luck :slight_smile:

Thank you,

They know exactly what they are doing: trying to trick you into working for free. Say them they have to order and wait until they do it.

Remember to CLICK on the Large Green Button so that he Buyer has now been set into the system. Your Dashboard will now show that you have a WOK IN PROGRESS and the CLOCK IS TICKING.
When you are done YOU CLICK COMPLETE and there is an area to upload your work. If you don´t upload there will be a reminder to do so.
Your Buyer will then recieve the work. Depending on the number of revisions you have allowed in your order and the revisions they request, you will now do revisions, and when the work is finished, and the final uplaod made, payment is made and then you each will send you REVIEW.

My first gig, I forgot to CLICK THE BIG GREEN BUTTON…and…uh…didn´t get paid and over ran my time… and the whole gig cancelled even though I provedied the concult which is my service. My customer was kind enough to reschedule and payment went through. It´s a leaning curve, so don´t overstress, just do your best and lean.

Communicate as much as you can with your Buyer…but HIT THOSE BUTTONS :slight_smile:

It looks to me the person who messaged you wanted to trick you. Don´t do the job unless he/she has placed an order (has bought your gig).

Also Dont Provide FREE SAMPLE to any one , if they really want to check your skill ask them see your portfolio, so better focus on a good portfolio if you haven’t,


Until you will not get money in your account ,You will not hired by any person. lol

Great tips here already to forewarn you about people who may want your work for free taking advantage of your trust.

Take some time to know this portal, the forum interactions, the kind of experiences sellers have had here because that will prepare you not just for this assignment but also how to deal with a client - good or bad - in future

I am so used to Fiverr that I was struggling with another portal and the buyer there guided me with what I am supposed to do, create agreement, raise invoice etc. Even here in Fiverr a buyer pointed grammatical error in my profile - So you will find buyers who will be generous with their reviews knowing you are new here and their review will go a long to establish your credibility here. And also the kind you are dealing with now.

The reason to write this epic is to let newbies know the ability to gauge buyer’s intentions and respond to queries accordingly is something that needs to be developed over a period of time - It is not really intelligence that works here, it is perception.

Just ask him plain and simple - Is the order not supposed to show in my dashboard?

When buyers ask me for sample, here is my response - Are you okay if I share your business plan with your intellectual property, as sample to my future prospects for my personal benefits with you not even knowing about it? The only sample that is possible is your own business plan.

Never give samples. Period

You can try to send custom offer on the message as invoice. If they a good buyer they will pay you. Just try it. :slight_smile:

This is, in my mind the absolute benefit of FIVERR over other platforms. Your opportunity to do a “quick sample” for… $5.

I sell my 30 minute consultation to folks who are interested in Moving to Ecuador as Retirees … and they hire me to consult with me at a very much higher rate when they actually come to Ecuador to visit and meet with service providers for one to one concierge services when they are here in the country.

You are selling a sample of your buffet of skills, a taste, an hors dóuvre, that is uniquely your own. And you are demonstrating that your skill is valued.

You are then taking the opportunity of a satisfied customer to offer additional services that you have become aware they need and you can provide. Services they can see the value of because they have sampled your ability by paying you a small cash gift of $5 for your time, as a token,

That´s the beauty of FIVERR.COM

That´s why you need to get to know Add Ons and
Packages, and how to sell your skill… That´s what I am working on now and it is fascinating stuff!

I offer consulting services on a Custom Order basis.
You can IM with me Great Ideas to Sell Your Skills From Anywhere
*** $5 :slight_smile: ****

All the best,


Don’t do anything till they OFFICIALLY order. This happened to me when I first started and when I realized then didn’t actually order my gigs it was too late. Direct them to your gig page and tell them to order the gig.

Its exciting getting a request to do work but an order must be placed.

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