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I Was warned :-(

Hi! Fiverr Family. Hope everyone is having an amazing day.
I received a warning from Fiverr for violating TERMS AND CONDITION. But it was a stupid mistake. I was learning to navigate through the website and trying to learn new things. Accidently I raised a custom offer for a seller. After sometime I got a message from Fiverr saying that I tried to send spam message and violated TOS.

Now I am wondering if there is any way to explain the incident and get the warning removed. It was my first warning and I am aiming to make it my last.

I will appreciate your input and any suggestions.

Thank you. :hugs::heart:


Just read the TOS and don’t break it.

Even though I still don’t understand how you can send custom offer by mistake. You need to go through quite a few steps to do so and you can withdraw it immediately after.

I was new to website some time ago and even when learning I have never broke TOS “by accident”


Yeah! I spent Time going through TOS after the incident. I was talking to a seller about some tips. The suggested about buyer request and other helpful features (which i never knew). I just tried to experiment the tips they gave. and raised a custom offer by mistake and left it there. You are right about withdrawing it. But i just left it there. and got warning:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Thank you for your reply.

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Of you were contacting other sellers asking for their “tips” on fiverr but not on the forum that’s also considered spam.

To be honest I’m reporting immediately other sellers who’s sending me messages asking to help them or explain how website works or give them “some work”


oh no! don’t take me wrong:smile::smile:. I was talking to other people on forums just like we doing now lol. then i just did that. It was just an innocent mistake, not spam. I was just wondering if anyone had similar incident and may be had their warning removed. Tha

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Hi, you are not supposed to contact people you see on the forum and ask them for tips, and of course do not send them offers they didn’t ask for. This warning will not be removed.

I can imagine the seller who was nice enough to talk to you to try to help you being upset when you sent them a custom offer trying to sell them your gig.

Thanks for your input. I guess there has been misunderstanding what I am trying to say and what others think about the post. I never contacted the sellers personally to ask for tips or work. it was all here on Forms, And the custom order which was raised was just an innocent mistake when i was exploring Fiverr interface and function. and it never went through to seller. It was holded by fiverr for reviewing. and it was my 3 day on fiverr, when all this happened.

I guess I am Going to remove this post. It is turning into more stressful situation than, receiving warning from Fiverr. :smile::smile:

Then there was no violation. Although if you just created a custom order without sending it you would never have gotten any warning about it. But it sounds like you are saying you could have accidentally hit the send button?

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Thank. Exactly. I was just getting to know the interface, and I accidently hit the send button. The offer never went to the seller, all i can remember, there was a display message, which said something like “The message has been flagged by the system and will be reviewed by Fiverr before delivering” something like that as i barely remember it now.

So, I been thinking lately that if it is possible to explain the situation to Helpful Fiverr staff to get the warning removed.
I was just wondering if someone had similar situation, and did they do anything and had the warning removed.

Thank you

All you can do is wait to see what happens. I doubt if trying to explain it was an accident will do any good.

Yeah! True that. Well thanks for replying. Have nice day. :slight_smile: