I wasted 5 bucks?


Some fragglesrock sells me a facebook design for bucks, 2 minutes later he pushes through a copywritten image for a business profile. I can’t get my moneyback without disputing it through paypal,because you dont offer me a way to complain about services.

I will finish the service I paid for and delete this site from my bookmarks. This is a joke…no customer service??


need to rename the site I believe to fragglerock.com


Oldbittygrandma saves the day! Hope that comment helped :slight_smile:



I think they should slightly alter the design of the delivery page and show the Reject Order button more clearly, or even the got problems button more clearly.

So many posts about people thinking they can’t reject orders and whatnot.


Reply to @bigbadbilly:

i put your gig on my blogs FB page. i love your gig…you’re welcome.