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I went fiverr number


Now I can’t get order


Is this a question? Can you be more specific please?


You cent get Fiverr number. There is NO number.

Go here for help:


If you mean you want to call fiverr to tell them to give you more orders, they do not have a way to call them.
If you work on your gigs and keep trying new different things you may get an order.


There’s no number, just a support member you can message.


Lol to this…

OP what is the problem? Your “pot” is still very empty, so please fill it up with “food” and we’d proffer the best solutions we can. But for now, just contact CS… please don’t ask them for a number, you’d get a canned response after 24 hours.


You can’t get orders if you don’t have any gigs.


Yes but where is number to complain? :slight_smile:


How about 1-800-MEK-SELL?


Here is an order. Stop posting nonsense. You don’t even have any gigs.


Read this section:


Buyer’s Request the best way to get orders