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I went on vacation, had two orders cancelled, now have a horrible rating, how can i resolve this?

I made the stupid mistake of not activating the “vacation mode” and received two orders unexpectedly in my absence. Both rightfully cancelled their orders and now the cancelled orders are killing my five star reviews (I just recently launched the gig). How can I resolve this?



Hi Kirsten!

Since the orders have been cancelled, Fiverr won’t remove the feedback. The best I can think is to get in touch with the buyers, tell them the situation, and maybe send them a discounted offer to get them to purchase again. Hopefully they’ll rate you well this time and that will increase your ranking a bit.

Otherwise, it will just take time (I believe in thirty days your rating will go back up as the older feedback falls off).


Contact the buyer and explain him the situation .

Offer him FREE gig if required and contact the support team when he agreed to remove it .

Reply to @tuhin2u: Unfortunately this will not solve the problem. If an order is not delivered the system automatically issues a negative rating! There is nothing you can do about it!

This is actually a seller’s worse nightmare. It happened to me and plenty more sellers.

This is probably one of the only cases that Fiverr support can’t do anything about it.

That’s just how it is sadly. Trust me. I am really upset about this since a cancelled order doesn’t mean bad quality work. Those Two don’t go together.

HOPEFULLY fiverr see’s this.

only one solution. contact the buyers and tell them that you was not on the job. Ask them to order again. If they placed order and you completed successfully. Now you can contact the fiverr support show them the proof screen shot of purchasing and request them that now you have completed order with same buyers so please remove cancelled orders auto feedback.
Hope in this case support can help.

Reply to @sydneymorgan: 30 days? Where is that from?

Reply to @sydneymorgan: I’ve never heard of older feedback falling off in any amount of time. I have all the feedback I’ve acquired over months. Can you give a source for this information?

Reply to @fonthaunt: I was told our percentage rating (i.e. 99%) is based on the last thirty days worth of reviews. I believe it to be true as I get some negative ones every once in a while. It drops to 99% but soon picks up again to 100%.

I could be wrong though! :slight_smile: