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I will accept birthday donations, tips and gifts for my birthday fund!


Hey there Fiverr!

My birthday is fast approaching and if you book a gig, have booked one and you’ve been satisfied with my work or if you’re willing to donate to my birthday fund, I’d be incredibly appreciative.

A few examples of what your contributions will allow me to achieve include:

Take personal and professional enrichment classes.


Relocation (While New Orleans will always be home, sometimes out of state job offers are just too amazing to turn down.)

Pay off educational debt. (Because who actually likes Sallie Mae calling them?)

Application fees to apply to another university program.

Make charitable contributions to my favorite organizations, including donations to the American Cancer Society in the names of my father who passed away from lung cancer and my two aunts that were recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Expand my freelance professional service business.

Rent for a gallery space of my own.

Any donations are accepted but I also offer rewards for those that donate.

Check them out and if you want to donate but have an idea on how I could show you my gratitude, don’t be shy. Getting is nothing unless you give back too so let me show you thanks for your support!

Happy Birthday Lex: Donations, Tips and Gifts for $5

And be sure to check out the rewards for donating. Or just purchase a gig! Any support to my birthday fund helps! Much love! The baby with the fat cheeks aka the ambilextrous one! - Lex