I will add 300+ facebook likes to your fanpage or photo for $5


Do you need real(looks like 100% real) and active facebook likes for your fanpage or for any photo? Try me…I am a level two seller.I can deliver a quality highly consistent work. You will receive more than 300 within 24 hours always. I do not need your password. This is the best and cheapest service in Fiverr. Thank you…


contact me if you need permanent likes…






B-) :expressionless:






I contacted this guy and after a few messages he told me his likes weren’t real.

Even though he says that they are real and 100% active.

He told me they were real all the way until I told him I would order and then check all the likes. And if they were fake I would leave bad feedback. Then he told me they were fake. It’s guys like this that give good sellers a bad reputation.

I know the Sheriff will probably delete my post but I just want to say that I’m NOT calling anybody out. I’m just responding to this guys post. He put himself out there himself, not me. Edit your gig @myeasycache and let people know what you provide without putting their page in danger. You’ll still sell if they aren’t real because when people want likes they want likes.