I will add watermark or logo or remove watermark from 100 images in a day


This gig has 3 packages…and they cover upto 500 watermark/logo and the best part is i can put the watermark or logo anywhere in the photo(top,middle,side etc)…if u like my gig send me an order…i will try to satisfy you through my works…thankz for visisting my gig…gig link https://www.fiverr.com/s2/d4fac89107


Should you really be removing watermarks from images? Isn’t it likely that people with watermarked images that don’t have the un-watermaked images don’t have the rights to the un-watermarked versions? Wouldn’t you likely be allowing a form of infringement (eg. copyright infringement) by offering to remove the watermarks from many images?


Sir sometime someone just want to remove his watermark from his photo…if that is the case i will do their work…otherwise not…example some one send me his website logo and he want his watermark remove from his image…so this is how i work…if am i wrong tell me i will correct my gig title


If it’s his photo (he owns it and the rights to it) why doesn’t he already have the version without the watermark? Isn’t it unlikely he adds the watermark to it and then deletes the version without the watermark?

If someone gives you image(s) with Fiverr watermarks on them, will you remove the Fiverr watermarks?

Watermarks are there for protection of the image eg. so that someone can see a preview of it before they buy it/get the rights to it from those who own the rights.