I will add your gig/gig video to my website for FREE


Hello every one ,

I am working on a series of gigs that have one concept :WYCIWUG :What You See Is What You Get

mostly they are video editing gigs that offer coded samples of my work, the buyer browses the samples on my YouTube channel and then sends me the code of the sample he wants and I deliver the exact video modified with the buyer’s data.

however ,

I have lunched a personal website to showcase my samples . I don’t offer selling any of the samples outside fiverr , the website is just for promoting and show casing my work .

I have created a category called “OTHER FIVERR GIGS” to my website ,and as a free service , I am offering to add your gig video to my website.

Adding your video is free , but I will not add any video unless it has the following :

1- Upload your gig video to YouTube and add the link here in this discussion .(optional for better visibility)

2- Write the link to your corresponding fiverr gig.

3- By default I will use the same title as your gig , if you want you may include an alternative title.

4- Include a short description of your gig , not more than 500 letters please.

5- Include 7 keywords to be used as tags.

"Adding you gig video is optional , you can send me your gig data only"

Thank you and waiting to help.

  1. http://youtu.be/ssERhjMcfcQ

  2. http://fiverr.com/voiceoverwork/narrator-voiceover-explainer

  3. I will narrator voiceover explainer for $5

  4. Don’t settle for amateur voice over narration here or anywhere! Up to 100 words of NARRATION professionally produced including;
  • Edited with Breath Removal
  • Compression, EQ and Mastering to Broadcast standards
  • Delivered in MP3 format
  • Perfect for Powtoon, VideoScribe, Vimeo or YouTube

  1. voiceover, narrator, explainer, narration, voice talent, announcer





I see it. Thanks!!


you are more than welcome

waiting for more videos


Hello , any one there !!


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I will make a book cover, 3d mockup and a promo video of your book for $5


I am offering a complete PACKAGE DEAL , Which is :

Unique, Professional and Complete

By ordering This Gig you will Get the following :

HI-RES 300DPI Photoshop file of your 2d printable Book Cover.

HI-RES 300DPI Photoshop file of a 3d Mockup for you Book Cover.

30 sec presentation video of your book in HD 720P Quality.




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I will scrape 10k Active Facebook IDs and Emails for $5


I will find People on Facebook who are interested in your keyword.

People who like a page or Joined a group on Facebook which is base on this keyword.

I will scrape and get ACTIVE Facebook IDs from any Fanpage/group/events of your keyword that you want. - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/20640/advertise-your-gigwebsiteproductanything-free-to-my-13683-facebook-fan-page#Item_8


bazrameet and tristanphillips

your gigs is now on my site


dear boombana,

here are my gigs with the keywords to be used as tags


tags- facebook google ads adwords marketing


tags- inspirational article speech writing

Thank you very much for such an initiative!!

thanks in advance!!



The site you were posting all these folks links on has disappeared. ???


hi can you promote my Gig ??

here is my Gig Link :




See my post above. ^^ The site has disappeared.


Please add mine! I would appreciate it so much!:slight_smile:


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I will add 105 Custom Youtube COMMENTS, 200 Real Views,30 Real Likes, Split Possible for $5


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Can you add my gig please?

1- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMrCCRmPeXk

2- http://fiverr.com/jacobw/place-your-ad-on-every-page-of-my-popular-website--2

3- Give your ad UNLIMITED views for 30 days

4- I will place your ad, video, or sales banner on a trending news site that averages 1600 visitors daily with 100,000 monthly page views. Traffic is from mostly U.S. and english speaking countries and consists of males that are 25-40 years old with a college education. (According to Alexa.com.)

5- banner ads, banner advertising, online advertising, affiliate program, website traffic



Thanks for your offer, please promote my gigs below







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