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I will add your name on real moving plane for $5

i can add your name or logo on this plane if interested buy this gig now from link above.

[-X You are so wrong on all what you just said but whatever you want man, to prove you wrong would be a waste of my time.

Good luck with sales

i am not all those people i use my own skills i have and provide genuine work i have not copied anything if you can take my video and compare his video md5 then you will se if its copied or not

two things comes in my mind about you.

you think negative then positive

you want success and others to be unsuccessful

because i do what i do and you cannot your just jealous other wise you wouldn’t be posting and wring stuff about me this way.

do some research about me in this forum se if i have talked about anybody , i just do what i can what ever people do has nothing to do with me , i posted a gig here so people can se , i didn’t post to get negative comments.

i suggest you do something good to get clients rather then having the time to talk bad about others.

Reply to @ilovecustomers: Okay I’m sorry for calling you a rat, I removed that but I’m just sick of all those people here either selling copyrighted content from other websites or copying gigs.

BTW, how I know you copied? That’s simple, his gig was here first, he became a top rated seller with that gig and now so many people saw the success and are offering the exact same thing.

I too saw his success… so I also made a gig similar to his, but my own twist… you should do the same

Reply to @heronimus: before you start callling names let me ask you something.

are you a wizard of some kind , how do you know if he didnt copy me ? answer this

Dude, you’re NOT a real designer… you are copying gigs from others, like this one

Your copied gig:

Original gig:

Don’t steal other’s idea’s, get creative yourself or leave this website. I reported you to the original sellers and you’re copied gigs will be removed if they report you to fiverr CS.




i have put up more and add others to check on my page to se updates daily.