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I will analyze your handwriting

Hey fellow Fiverr users!

I’m happy to report that after 4 months, I finally got my first order for my handwriting analysis gig. I began researching graphology (the study of handwriting) in University, and have been fascinated with it ever since. I use what I’ve learned in psychology, but I’m also developing my own approach as well.

I was eager to prove myself, so I went above and beyond for my first customer. The order costed $20 and was for an in-depth handwriting analysis. I spent 10+ hours on the analysis which ended up being 4 pages long. I tried to be as detailed as possible. I delivered in less than 2 days (5 was the deadline).

The customer said they were satisfied with the accuracy, and I asked them if there was anything more I could do. They said no, but I spent a further hour discussing the results with them as well as giving them free advice (I also have an advice gig). They told me that they did not expect so much for the price they paid, but I insisted I was happy to help. And I was.

The customer gave me a review of 4/5. Since this is my only review, it means that I no longer have a positive rating (90% or more). They didn’t say anything negative in their review, so I have no idea why they gave only 4 stars or what––if anything––I could’ve done better. I really don’t know what else I could’ve done. I thought at the very least that I provided excellent communication, even spending an hour extra communicating with them. I’m worried that this will negatively influence potential customers.

I hope I will have more opportunities to demonstrate my skills. Has anyone else had this kind of experience with their first customer(s)?

Thanks for reading this! :sweat_smile: Hope you’re all doing well.


Congratulation & best wishes for you!