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I will animate any face and make it talk very perfectly 🙂


I will animate any face and make it talk. :slight_smile:
I will create a video of up to 1 min in length with a face/full body you choose from the
variety available in my portfolio for only $5.
Before ordering the gig, please contact me and discuss all the details to be 100% clear.
Got a ready voice over file? Please send it off to me and I’ll use your voice over in the animated clip with a personage you choose!
If you have only a script, okay, it will also do, I can do my voice over with it.
If you wish to send me a photo to animate and record a talk, please make sure that it is big enough and the face of the personage looks straight. (see how my existing puppets look like)
Important requirement: send me the image with a puppet/personage looking forward/facing the camera, no glasses on, mouth closed. A voice file should contain only one voice, no music.
Looking forward to make your day! :slight_smile: