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I Will Answer Any 10 Questions About Morocco


I Will Answer Any 10 Questions About Morocco
I am from Morocco, as you know every country has a culture, and i’d like you to know more about mine,so hopefully this means I can help you with any questions you have about Moroccan culture, travel, dating,way of thinking…etc.

I’m pretty sure there are a lot of interssting stuff to look for in Morocco, can’t wait to answer your questions. ^^
Knowing I’m not answering the questions that exist in Google


We have Google for that - it’s free :wink:
You can maybe turn your knowledge into a book, video or something else


as you know every country has a culture
There are no questions in Google


Google will give you a complete fact no
Come on just robots


You should try to monetize this in another way.
I doubt that a gig will bring you there.


thank you so much for feedback


هل فكرت في إنشاء حفله لتعلم الخط العربي ؟


yes nikavoice …:slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe tweak the gig to appeal to tourists. Morroco is a popular destination.

I will design the perfect Moroccan vacation for you, or I will tell you the best places to see in Morocco.

You never know, you could get a couple of sales.


hello sara With all due respect:wink: