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I will apply white hat SEO

Hello & welcome! we are new in fiverr community , offering updated SEO service. we need your opinion about, how to be a successful seller. Now a days SEO is very famous way to build a brand or a business by SE result. There are thousands more gigs here,offering seo and its very good for promote a business in 5$.

I thing I just share you that is organic SEO vs software seo, lots of gig offering just 1000 more traffic in a day or short time, my question is that how it is possible in organic way to drive traffic 1000 more traffic for new sites? May be I know its difficult but we are focus on quality not quantity traffic, may be that can be not 1000 more but one is effective for your service or products.

Please if you know any good updates from GOOGLE just share with us and we should be fair in SEO techniques that can satisfy a buyer. Thanks