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I Will Be Happy To Pay More If This Goes Well!


So you’re the manager of a store and someone walks in one day, fills their basket full of what they need, and puts down half what their goods are worth on the counter.

"Thanks!" The customer beams at you.

You look up and say: "Excuse me, your goods actually come to $50 not $25."

The customer then beams at you even more excitedly and says: "Oh, don’t worry, if I like all of this, I’ll pay you a bit more. AND I’ll come back here every week!"

Now do you:

A: Say: "Oh, well, that clears things up. Would you like a bag with that?"

B: Say: "No, that’s not how this works. Pay now or get the hell out of my store."

or C: Don’t say anything at all and just nod to security?

I was on track this month to regain my level 2 and have got this far by accepting 1-star reviews from people I refused to let cancel orders. Now, I am canceling an order for the exact reason outlined above, as I simply have no choice.

Who on Earth orders a single 500-word article and thinks it acceptable to say "hey, I actually need 19 micro-articles in powerpoint format (100-200 words each) for my next Youtube video. If this goes well I’ll be happy to pay more!"

No. Just no.


Someone who thinks “if it works, great, if not, I’ll try with someone else”.


One of the incredibly cheap conniving manipulative buyers that any price under $40 attracts. It is truly nauseating.


In fairness, I don’t think this buyer has ordered with conscious intention to be cheap/exploitative. They have simply ordered something which I do not offer and assumed that because they want 1 x Youtube video script (lasting around 20-minutes) this will equate to 1 x article from me.

It would not be an issue if I wasn’t going to be hit with a penalty for canceling.


Did you try sending an offer for an extra $20 or whatever it would cost?


No. 19 x 100-200 micro articles covering different topics which will each need researching would be $150 minimum. The buyer has paid $25 and aside from the fact that (I am guessing) they would not be happy with a 6 fold price increase, I do not have time to take on a project of this size. Nor do I offer powerpoint presentation creation or Youtube video script writing.

If the buyer contacted me before ordering, I would have said “sorry, I can’t help with this,” or quoted a price and delivery time accordingly. As it is, a custom offer issued retrospectively will mess up my current workflow and likely result in a less than stellar review for the trouble.

I have already this week got an order for a 1-page website to contend with. My job is not to constantly react to whatever people feel like throwing at me. My job is to provide what is actually offered in my gig descriptions.


Exactly. It’s not the buyers, neither in this scenario nor when someone orders the same gig twice because Fiverr’s system or the buyer’s internet connection lags, it’s even not the buyers who do try to exploit it, it’s the kafkaesque penalty system.


They ordered something worth at least $150 for $25? No one does that by mistake.

I would refuse to cancel and tell him he will get $25 worth like it or not.


Jesus, I would be so mad man


Somehow we have to try to make any order work if at all possible.


Like I say, I think it is a case of the buyer not thinking. I don’t think they have realized that there are 100-200 words on every slide of their power point presentation. Nor thought, 'hey, since I need 19 different topics researching and writing about, this will actually be the same as researching and writing 19 individual articles.

That said, I will never understand how people can place orders which don’t match services being offered by sellers, without feeling inclined to contact sellers first. As a buyer myself, this just makes no sense.

It’s pretty much the same as me ordering from you and saying, “Hey Miss C, my car broke down. Here’s $25 for you to magic it better by tomorrow morning. Thanks!”


I get those sometimes and here is how I handle it. I sell it to them that I can do something they will like for what they paid. Be a good salesman. Offer them a great deal, and tell them if they like that then you will offer them a big discount on other orders. It’s worth a try. I don’t know if that’s possible in this particular case but in general, don’t let that sale go into a cancellation without a fight.

I’m simply not accepting cancellations under any circumstances, and this seems to be fiverr’s policy now, even though it is not explicitly stated. Not for ordering by mistake, not for asking for too much, not for any reason. If someone places an order they will get what the gig states they will get.


20 times absolutely!


This is my modus operandi. BUT then you just get taken down anyway by the 1-star review demon. Nothing in this new Fiverr world is black or white. I could possibly take the hit with a cancellation prior to the next evaluation but I won’t be able to take the hit of a 1-star review.

The name of the game is not avoiding the impossible. Fiverr wants everyone to make more sales happen to compensate for the impossible rocks in the road, The only problem is that there are still only 24-hours in any one day and still real lives to be lived in what remains of the so-called real-world.


This sounds very farmiliar. lol


B or C works best, C is more diplomatic though.


Depending on how they sound, I might not even argue with them or say anything. I might go ahead and send them exactly what the gig is for.


I’m a blunt and straight to the point kinda gal.
So, I’d say B just for sh!ts~n~giggles.

Btw~ It seems like you deal with a ton of numpties. :grimacing: I don’t know how you remain sane in the membrane :brain:

I remember looking at your Real Estate Video Gig awhile back, they were quite nice. :ok_hand:t4:

It’s refreshing to see Sellers stand their ground on cxls. Some surrender too easily!


Fiver needs to tell buyers that once they pay they will never get any refunds for any reason.

And tell sellers that they can refuse to fill any orders that are unclear, or ones that have any confusion from the buyer.


Legally/Financially it would be hard for Fiverr to implement this policy. Besides, there are workarounds so it would essentially defeat the purpose. However, the cancellation policy needs a serious makeover like pronto.